Update  klimaat 14.10.2023

1,500 Signatories Of The World Climate Declaration
1.5 Degrees Of Complete Climate Fabrication
12 Years To Disaster? How Climate Activists Distort The Evidence
1500 Scientists Say "Climate Change Not Due to CO2" The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked
1500 Scientists Say "There Is No Climate Emergency'
18 Feet Of Sea Level Rise And 30C Polar Warming
1911 - 94 Degrees In Greenland
1988 - Global Warming Has Begun, Expert Tells Senate
2015 - Chemtrail method of military geoengineering for changing the climate
2017 - Further evidence that climate models overstate global warming
2050 - The never-ending nightmare of Net Zero
3 Paleontologist Studies Affirm North Sweden Was 3°C Warmer Than Today When CO2 Was Below 280 ppm
31,487 American scientists have signed this petition, including 9,029 with PhDs
32-year Reuters veteran reporter comes clean on "climate change'
330 Millionen Tonnen CO2 - Hat die Bundesregierung sich verrechnet?
4 More Temperature Reconstructions Fail To Support The "Unprecedented' Global Warming Narrative
40% of Apparent Global Warming Since 1850 is Due to Urban Heat Corruptions
5 New Studies Indicate There Has Been No Net Warming Since The 1700s
600 Billion Tons Of New Snow
80% renewables by 2030 is Bullshit says former Snowy Hydro CEO — transition will take 80 years, not 8
800 Years of Climate Crisis
96% of U.S. Climate Data is Corrupted, New Report Finds
99.2% of Swiss National Bank Shareholders Just Rejected a Green Investment Push
A Century Of "Climate Change' And Media Alarmism
A climate connection to Alberta wildfires?
A climate expert explains the Northern Hemisphere's weird, wild summer - and what it means for Australia
A Costly German Heating Law Is On The Climate Skids
A green transition will not be good for everyone
A Heatwave In Spain ?
A hot time under the old town
A leading German politician views proposed climate policies as a danger to the country's civil stability and democracy
A Major Climate System Will Collapse Decades Ahead of Schedule and Unleash Devastation
A Misunderstanding Of Clouds Is Driving Global Warming Fervor
A New Climate Frontier
A new satellite global temperature data series bolsters the case that climate models are running way too hot
A new survey shows more than half of Americans no longer believe that climate change is mostly the fault of humans
A Novel Perspective on the Greenhouse Effect
A scientist manipulated climate data. Conservative media celebrated.
A seismic climate connection?
A Swiss "green' politician is calling for "climate change denial' to be made illegal
A Trojan Horse That Would Subvert Climate Justice in New York
A Twitter Debate on Clintel's IPCC AR6 Critique
A Whistle-Blower Details How Scientists Conspire To Depublish Non-Consensus Papers
Aan de A12-bezetters
Activism is a way for useless people to feel important
Activist Media Blamed Yosemite Fire On Climate Change. It Was Arson
Activist "Fact-Checkers' Misleading The Public About Polar Bears
Activist "Scientists' Announce Record Cold Caused By Global Warming
Activist "Scientists' Claim Record Cold Caused By Global Warming
Actual Flight Data Destroys BBC's Claim That Climate Change Is Increasing Turbulence
Acutely Exposed to Changing Climate, Many Greenlanders Do Not Blame Humans
African Climate Scientist - Women Bear the Brunt of Climate Change
African plumes bring heat of the Sahara to UK – but climate change could make them less frequent
Africa's Forests are Changing Because of Climate Change
After Climategate I realised I had fallen into groupthink, climate expert said
After Decades of Drilling, Should Alaska Pay Climate Refugees?
After decades of failed apocalypse predictions, the perpetrators of the climate scam are becoming increasingly ridiculous with their propaganda
After "sleepless nights”, governments strike deal on Green Climate Fund strategy
Air Conditioners Face Regulatory Onslaught For Minuscule Climate Benefits
Air traffic is booming again and environment activists aren't happy
Al Gore And The End Of Climate Policy
Al Gore became Vice-president in 1993, and Earth's climate history was magically rewritten
Alarmists Claim 660Gt Of Antarctic Ice Gain Is Actually 20,000Gt Loss
Alarmists Freaked Out Musk Allows Dissenting Climate Change Views On Twitter
Alarmists Say Wildfires Getting Worse, Data Shows The Exact Opposite
Alarmists Turn Up Heat With Climate, Weather "Records'
Alexander Kops over de Europese klimaatwet. Waarom doel verhogen als huidige al niet gehaald wordt?
American Climate Tragedy
American Forests to Become Carbon Emitters by 2070, Scientists Warn
Americans Are Being Sold Hot Air
Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened by "Extreme Weather'
Americans' Views on Weather and Climate Change Are Deeply Divided
An expensive global climate experiment | DW Documentary
Ancient lake microbes caused global warming during ice age
Andrew Bolt slams politicians "blinded' by "global warming ideology'
Animal Reproduction Negatively Affected by Heat Waves Finds New Study
Another Casualty of Climate Change - Dissolved Oxygen
Another instalment of the burning question as to how much of 'the climate science' is actually 'settled'
Another step towards Climate Tyranny
Antarctic Heatwaves 1998 Style
Antarctic Ice Cap To Grow Despite Global Warming–New Study
Antarctic ice shelves are melting slower than they were 40 years ago
Antarctic Ice Shelves Growing
Antarctica Sensation - Ice Shelves Surrounding the Continent Grew in Overall Size From 2009-2019
AP falsely "fact checks' Milloy's 13 million-view tweet about 8 years of no warming
Arctic Ice in Surplus June 2023
Arctic ice now thicker than 15 years ago & same thickness as 1958
Arctic Sea Ice Loss Weakens Northern Hemisphere Summertime Storminess but Not Until the Late 21st Century
Arctic Sea Ice Same Thickness As 1958
ARCTIC SEA ICE —In Memory Of Barneo
Are French protesters more effective? Meet the "next level' climate activists – video
Are India's Heatwaves Getting Hotter?
Are militaries driving the climate crisis?
Are NOAA Scientists Being Silenced?
Are Wildfires In Canada A Sign Of Climate Change?
Are Wind Turbines Changing the Climate?
As Greenland's Ice Melts, Glacial Sand Deposits May Offer a Welcome Economic Opportunity
As Greens double down on their politically suicidal climate agenda, the German political establishment begins to crack
At The Bottom Of The Hockey Stick
Australia Slow to Hear the Net-Zero Wake Up Call
Australian bushfires likely contributed to multiyear La Niña
Bank of England downgrades Net Zero and cuts climate spending
Bankers Announce Plans to Confiscate Private Property For Climate Change
BBC Goes into Antarctica Climate Meltdown – But Ignores Data Showing No Loss of Ice
BBC Ignore Cold Weather In India
BBC Ignore Cold-Related Deaths In India
BBC Refuse To Correct Blatantly False Hurricane Claims
Before global warming, was the Earth cooling down or heating up?
Berlin under fire for climate law "catastrophe'
Biden Admin Explores BLOTTING OUT THE SUN To Stop Climate Change
Biden administration urges Big Tech to ramp up censorship of those who question the "official narrative” on climate
Biden imposes rule to slash coolant use in air conditioning units
Biden's green agenda pokes a big hole in America's social safety net
Big Climate can't explain no US warming since 2005
Big freeze drove early humans out of Europe, scientists reveal
Big polluters' share prices fall after climate lawsuits, study finds
Big Tech Is Ramping Up Censorship of the Climate "Solutions' Debate
Big Tech Is Ramping Up Censorship of the Climate "Solutions' Debate
Bill Gates and EU have lost their minds, millions could die if they succeed | Redacted Live
Bill Gates flies around Australia for climate change lectures in $70m private jet that guzzles fossil fuels
Bill Gates' Climate Change Deceptions Are Taking Us For A Billion-Dollar Ride
Billionaire Foundations Funding Climate Brainwashing In British Schools
Billionaires Will Kill You Before Global Warming Can
Billions Will Die If They Don't Listen To Us
Bjørn Lomborg - How global warming will save lives
Bombshell 1989 Shell Memo Features in New Court Filing Alleging Climate Deception
Both-sidesing the climate story
Brazilian Govt Wants Permanent Climate Emergency For Over 1,000 Cities
Break Free from Climate Tyranny - Evidence Over Ideology
Brilliant speech addressed to our woke youth fighting climatechange by Konstantine Kisin.
Bring Back Global Warming
Britain's environmental quangos are perpetuating the housing crisis
Burning Trees for Energy is Not a Climate Solution
But Ice Around Antarctica's Thwaites "Doomsday' Glacier Was Eight Times Thinner Around 8,000 Years Ago
But if the science is settled...
California's Winter Waves Getting Bigger Due to Climate Change
Calling Climate Sceptics "Climate Deniers' is an Admission You've Lost the Argument
Can Climate Investment be Financed by Debt?
Can innovation help farmers adapt to climate change?
Can We Stop Volcanoes with Solar Panels?
Canada is still waiting on a temperature reading of 20C
Cancel these communists | Eva Vlaardingerbroek rejects carbon credits to curb climate change
Carbon Offsets 101 - Why We Can't Offset Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis
Catastrophising Summer Weather
Cattle, sheep and even pets are now in the sights of deranged eco-warriors
Censoring Inconvenient Truths
Central Banks, Green Finance, and the Climate Crisis
China Abandons Paris Agreement and Makes Others' Efforts Even More Futile
China replaced its national weather chief just after the US revealed the balloon was flying over its territory
China uses more coal than all other nations on earth combined & shows zero signs of changing course
Chris Stoffer zwaar bekritiseerd wegens openlijke kritiek over de Urgenda rechtszaak
Claire Pearsall and Jo Phillips discuss possible prison time for homeowners who don't comply with the new green energy efficiency rules
Climate 'religion' running US into the ground
Climate Activism Has a Cult Problem
Climate Activism Isn't About the Planet. It's About the Boredom of the Bourgeoisie
Climate Activist Gets Grilled
Climate Activist Goes Rogue Releasing "Mini Volcanoes' to Cool Atmosphere
Climate activist Greta Thunberg backtracks on alarmism
Climate Activists are Silent on Polar Bears Because their Doom-Mongering Blew Up in their Faces
Climate Activists are Targeting Billionaire Toys
Climate activists are to blame for "unnecessary' climate anxiety
Climate activists have a new target - Civilians
Climate Activists Plug Up Holes Around Spain Golf Courses To Protest Water Usage
Climate Activists Want a Wartime Economy
Climate Alarmism is a Dangerous Cult, Devoid of Real Science
Climate Alarmism Is A Lie That Must Stop
Climate Alarmists Are Getting This All Wrong - Dr Bjorn Lomborg | Modern Wisdom 617
Climate Alarmists' Deteriorating Mental Health
Climate Anxiety - Doomsday Cult or Mental Illness?
Climate Believers Are More Likely to Trust Strangers
Climate Brainwashing
Climate Brainwashing In Schools Is Bordering On Child Abuse
Climate campaigners on Tuesday remained resolute in their fight against ConocoPhillips' Willow oil project in Alaska
Climate Cancel Culture
Climate Change - Why is NOBODY Telling The Truth?
Climate change affects our mental health – here's how to cope
Climate change and the rich | DW Documentary
Climate change could lead to 'widespread chaos' for insect communities
Climate change didn't cause Canada's wildfires
Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless
Climate Change Hoax Is Changing The World - Time To Call It Out
Climate Change in 1859
Climate change is making trees bigger, but also weaker
Climate change may drive fungi to harm our bodies
Climate change may increase risk of simultaneous crop failures in world's key breadbaskets
Climate change poses risks to aquaculture, threatening food security
Climate Change Scandal in Australia Heating Up
Climate change stress "can cause depression, anxiety'
Climate Change Threatens the Agritourism That Helps Small Farms Survive
Climate change "news” coverage is BOUGHT with grants that fund corporate media
Climate change? Manhunt for Canary Islands arsonists
Climate czar Kerry lashes out over private jet use during House grilling
Climate Disasters May Be Nudging Societies Toward Rising Violence and Cruelty
Climate Emergency is Fabricated Alarmism Holding Poor Back
Climate Engineering Must Stop or Humanity is Finished
Climate Engineering To Fight Global Warming? What Could Go Wrong!
Climate Envoy John Kerry testifies on climate agenda and budget in House hearing
Climate Expert - Misinformation In The IPCC, Part 2
Climate Expert - The Misinformation In The IPCC, Part 1
Climate Fact Check - February 2023 Edition
Climate Fakery Part 14
Climate Fakery Part 18
Climate Fakery Part 3
Climate Fakery Part 4
Climate Fakery Part 7
Climate fanatics unveil massive sky UMBRELLA scheme to block sunlight and "cool” planet
CLIMATE FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real
Climate Friendly Heating Systems - German Gov Plans 50,000 Euro Fines For Non Compliance!
Climate Groups Slam Carbon Capture Scam
Climate hysteria has no class. Reducing emissions will hurt the poor
Climate Hysteria in The Dark Age - Are We Seeing Glimmers of Light?
Climate Hysteria Is Driving Green Activists To Extinction
Climate hysteria of the elites plunges Germany into an economic crisis
Climate Hysteria Ramps Up in Antarctica but Recent Data Shows Sea Ice Levels Similar to 1966
Climate Hysteria Ramps Up in Antarctica but Recent Data Shows Sea Ice Levels Similar to 1966
Climate Hysterics Refer to 2023 Wildfire Season as the "New Abnormal”
Climate is Cyclical
Climate journalist receives 100,000 euros from bank for promoting climate alarmism
Climate Lawsuits Are On The Rise. This Is What They're Based On.
Climate Lockdowns Are the Next Stage of the Great Reset Agenda
Climate Lunacy Enthroned
Climate models - A glimpse under the hood
Climate Predictions Have a History of Being Entirely Wrong
Climate Propaganda Doing A Magnificent Job, Pew Confirms
Climate Protest Seems Very Fake
Climate protesters are starting to be seen as 'hysterical and half crazed'
Climate Radicals | ARTE.tv Documentary
Climate religion is 'shackling' America
Climate Researchers Say Biden's Green Growth Agenda Isn't Realistic
Climate savior or "Monsanto of the sea'?
Climate Science Has Degenerated Into A Religious Cult
Climate Science Makes a Bad Religion
Climate Science. The Hidden truths.
Climate scientist claims bias in top journals
Climate Scientists Moan About Critics On Twitter
Climate Scientists Seek To Destroy "Inconvenient' Research Paper
Climate Scientists Told To "Cover Up' No Temperature Rise Since 1998
Climate Scientists Want Rationing To Fight Climate Change
Climate scientists warn heatwaves to last longer causing more 'heat stress'
Climate Status Updates From Tweets by Dr. Peter Carter at the Climate Emergency Institute
Climate terrorists pour black liquid into iconic Roman fountain
Climate Trauma – New Study Demonstrates That It Has Real Impacts on Cognition and the Brain
Climate Uncertainty and Risk
Climate uncertainty and risk - An Interview With Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry
Climate woes impact children's mental health
Climate "Crisis' Propaganda Is Just An Emotional Top Cover, A Trick To Exert More Control
Climate-stressed Iraq says will plant 5 million trees
Climategate 3.0 - Hero speaks and releases a new cache of emails proving Climate Change Fraud
Climategate Hide The Decline Backgrounder
Climategate's 'Hide the Decline' is explained by Berkeley professor Richard A Muller
Climatologists Blow Whistle
Clintel Report - Sundown on the IPCC
CO2 Coalition - Providing the facts about CO2 and climate change
Cold fronts can make bushfires worse, a startling consideration for authorities pondering the upcoming bushfire season.
Cold Outbreaks Not Caused By "Global Warming'
Cold Records Continue To Fall Across U.S.; Europe Set For Spring Freeze
Coldest winter ever in Wyoming. Wildlife freezing to death
Contracts for Difference Subsidies On The Rise Again
Coping With Climate Emotions
Corporate Climate Criminals Should Face a Congressional Tribunal
Corporate media declares war on TREES as latest insane chapter of climate propaganda
Corporate Media Gripped A Nation In "Climate Anxiety" Despite Scientists Who Say 'No Emergency'
Corrupted Climate Stations and Solutions You Need to Know
Corruption of Climate Science - Nobel Laureate John Clauser Speaks Out
Costa Rica To Save The Planet
COVID Lockdowns, A Dry Run for Climate Lockdowns!
COVID Shutdowns Were Just The Beginning. Climate Lockdowns Are Next
Creating Hysteria Through Fake News
Dangerous Corruption of Science. There is No Climate Crisis
Data bias fueling flawed AI climate predictions, researchers warn
Data shows people are "not willing to pay' for 2030 net zero reality
David Dilley - Signals that global cooling is beginning
De activisten zeggen vaak dat de vervuiler betaalt, dat geldt ook voor blokkades met schade
De grote klimaatzwendel
De VN is een kwaadaardige verspreider van desinformatie over het klimaat
Deadly Hawaii Fires Are Result of Political and Policy Failures—Not Climate Change
Death In The Skies? Climate Change Is NOT Making Flying More Dangerous
Deep Ocean Fish Will Likely Decrease in Size With Climate Warming
DeSantis drops facts on Biden, climate alarmists for 'politicizing the weather' to push leftist agenda
Despite Extreme Heat Claims, Germany's Summer Not Even Warm Enough For Public Swimming Pools
Despite Greta and MSM's best efforts, the globalists' climate change mythology is now unraveling before our eyes
Did a Climate Alarmist Law Student Just Kill the Green Movement?
Did Climate Change Kill This Greenlander 70 Years Ago?
Disasters report features "crudely manipulated data'
Disasters report features "crudely manipulated data'
Dishonest Climate Fear-Mongering Headlines
Dismantling the Biggest Hoax of the Century - Jim Rickards
Do Agricultural Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Affect Climate? - William A van Wijngaarden
Do heat pumps work in the UK's climate?
Does 5G Increase Climate Change?
Does Gen Z actually really care about climate change? Their addiction to fast fashion is destroying the planet.
Dollar UN Climate Models
Don't overstate 1.5 degrees C threat, new IPCC head says
Don't Blame "Climate Change' For Summer Heat Waves. Here's Why
Doom-mongers do more harm than good, the United Nations' new climate change chief has said
Dr. Peter Kalmus, Climate Scientist
Drawing parallels between the covid narrative and climate change narative
Drilling Our Way to Climate Doom
Dutch politician Wybren van Haga - Climate change is a religion
Early Pleistocene Greenland Was "At Least 9C' Warmer Than Today
Earth scientists identify pivotal step in the Earth's later climate development
Earth To Become Inferno–Sky News
Earth's Expiration Date
Earth's Greenhouse Effect Has Not Been Enhanced, But Instead Its Impact Has Declined Since 1983
Eco-Activist Reveals The Players Behind Those Frivolous Lawsuits Targeting Energy Companies
Eco-anxiety - concern about climate change
Eco-Anxiety About Climate Doom Leads Climate Researchers to Quit and Refuse to Have Children
Economische gevolgen van "Net Zero'
Effect of volcanic eruptions significantly underestimated in climate projections
El Nino Watch Initiated As Ag-Industry In Crosshairs
Elastocaloric cooling system opens door to climate-friendly AC
Elderly Swiss women bring European court's first climate case
Electric cars 'DISASTER waiting to happen' car dealer Danny Kelly explains WHY
Embrace the climate agenda being forced upon you, the government says
EU & Norway Form Green Alliance To Tackle Climate Change
EU Looks Into Blocking Out the Sun as Climate Efforts Falter
EU will regret making farmers scapegoats for climate change
EU's von der Leyen says she will tackle US green subsidies, overcome e-fuels impasse
EU, Norway seal "Green Alliance' to tackle climate change
Europe's 1st humans were likely wiped out by a sudden freeze 1.1 million years ago
Europe's 48°C Horror That Never Was ESA, Media Sharply Criticized For Manipulative Reporting
Europe's Climate Suffers From Lack Of Clouds And Rain…Not From A CO2 Increase
Europe's green dilemma - Mining key minerals without destroying nature
Every year, the RockefellerFdn flies dozens of hand-picked liberal "thinkers" out to its villa
Ex-Climate Alarmist Spills the Truth About the "Climate-Change Industry'
Explosion of AP climate change stories following $8 million environmental grant
Exposed - Corrupted Climate Stations and Solutions You Need to Know, Anthony Watts
Exposing Global Warming Lies - Dan Peña
Extinction Rebellion EXPOSED for refugee and climate hypocrisy
Extinction Rebellions Don't Notice That the Globalists Have Been Using Them From the Start
Extreem-Linkse groepen verbranden miljarden door KLIMAATHYSTERIE!
Extreme weather events linked to increased child marriage
Extreme Weather in 1903
Exxon Crushes Progressive Dreams That "Net Zero” Has Any Chance By 2050
Facebook Censoring The Inconvenient Truth About Antarctic Temperatures
Fact Checking The Met Office's Fact Checks
Farmers will be next in this global warming crusade
Farmland Lost Is Farmland Lost Forever. Under the Guise of Climate Change
Fear mongering over high temperatures is an incessant attempt to keep us frightened
Fear-mongering over high temperatures is an incessant attempt to keep us frightened
Fearmongering Won't Solve Climate Change
Feds warn of major climate risks to U.S. hydropower
Fighting Back Against Climate Alarmism
Fighting for energy/climate realism in the U.K.
For the second time in the space of two months, CBC ran a story claiming climate change is harming wine production
Forget about 1.5C, the climate crackpots say 1.0C is already too much
Forum Inside nr27 - Kluchtig klimaatrapport
Fox News host suggests Xbox's 'woke' power-saver mode is meant to brainwash kids about climate change
France Prepares For 4 °C Rise - "We Can't Escape The Global Reality"
France Shuts Down Climate Activist Group
France urges 'transparency' over US climate subsidies
Freezing cold weather sweeps across New South Wales
From China To US - How El Nino Is Driving Extreme Weather
From "Global Warming” to "Climate Change” to "Climate Crisis”
Geological Impacts on Climate
Geological Study Refutes Green Energy Agenda - Not Enough Metals to Replace Oil
German environmentalist Luisa Neubauer has criticized the radical form of protest deployed by the Last Generation group
German police raid climate activists who blocked traffic
German police raid climate activists' homes
German police raids on Last Generation climate activists spike recruitment • FRANCE 24 English
Germans Appear to Have Had Enough Climate Disruption
Germans Will Need To Turn On Heat As Cold, Wet Weather Sets To Grip Country In Early August
Germany alarmed by detention of Vietnam climate activist, warns on coal phase-out pact with Hanoi
Germany has fallen to green dogma
Germany is heading into a recession caused by its green energy policies
Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986
Germany's Green Hypocrites
Global boiling? Don't be ridiculous
Global cooling caused diversity of species in orchids, confirms study
Global Warming and Climate Change The Greatest Fraud, Pinecone
Global Warming Caused Hitler
Global warming could mean longer La Nina events, which bring cold, wet Canadian winters
Global Warming Exposed - Dr Gavin Schmidt
Global Warming Gets Snowed Under
Global warming is China's "secret weapon' to dominate the West
Global Warming Saves Lives
Global Warming? We Are in One of the Coldest Periods Ever!
Google AI is even worse than ChatGPT about answering climate questions
Gore Climate Rants Return
Goverments Align with Protesters who Glue Themselves to Pavement to Shut Down Highways and Airports
Grand Solar Minimum And The Swings Between Extremes
Greece Almost As Hot As 1987
Greek fires and the 'global boiling' agenda
Green Energy Industry Admits It Needs Cheap Chinese Goods To Survive
Green Energy Technology Is Built on Force Labor, Sickness, and Environmental Destruction
Green groups warn that the Alaska drilling project could unleash hundreds of millions of metric tons of greenhouse gas
Green Omertà – Net Zero Watch
Greenland Surface Continues To Gain Mass
Greenland Temperatures Rose 1°C In 1994 … Since Then They Have Been "Relatively Constant'
Greenland was just as warm in the 1930s to 50s as it has been in the last two decades
Greenland's Petermann Glacier has grown about 10km over the past decade. The Press says is melting "faster than expected.”
Greens senator mocked for climate meltdown
Greta is Greenwashing You
Greta or Zelensky? Who Will Scoop This Year's Oscars?
Greta Thunberg - German police deny protest detainment was staged
Greta Thunberg EXPOSED! She's FINISHED!!!
Greta Thunberg is being 'peddled by people with a different agenda'
Greta Thunberg Now Has a Criminal Record
Greta Thunberg part of "professional class of activists'
Greta Thunberg Sees a Great Capitalist Conspiracy Against the Climate
Greta Thunberg to go on trial over Swedish climate protest
Greta's Crusade Against Capitalism Part Of A "Tyrannical Political Agenda'
Groups Call for Firing Lobbyists "Playing Both Sides of the Climate Crisis”
Gulf Stream (AMOC) Could Collapse By 2025 According To A New Study - Catastrophic Climate Impacts
Gulf Stream could collapse as early as 2025, study suggests
Gulf Stream Could Collapse Between 2025 and 2095, Bringing Disastrous Climate Impacts
Here's a sketch of the polar vortex from the 1970s, exactly the same - when scientists were worried about "global cooling'
Het klimaatimperialisme van Links
Honest Government Ad | COP31 Australia & the Pacific
Hottest day ever... since 1979... models say
Hottest Day EVER? Not So Fast!
Hottest Days Ever? Don't Believe It
How Activist Scientists Enforce Climate Misinformation Through Bullying And Other Tactics
How Activist Scientists Enforce Climate Misinformation Through Nefarious Tactics
How Alarmists Are Weaponizing Weather To Prime Us For Climate Lockdowns
How climate change is causing a communication breakdown in the animal world
How Climate Change Is Challenging Commercial Real Estate
How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance
How corporations use greenwashing to convince you they are battling climate change
How Eco-"Journalists' Promote The "Weather Is Climate' Scam
How Green Investors Pay The Media To Promote "Climate Change' Hysteria
How IPCC's Ongoing Errors Are Impacting Our Planet
How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?
How Net Zero will punish ordinary people
How Pro-Lifers Can Fight the Climate Scare Threatening Their Movement
How Shrinks Can Make Money Exploiting Climate Anxiety
How Sorghum Could Help U.S. Farms Adapt to Climate Change
How sugar kelp may help to tackle the climate crisis
How The BBC's Heatwave Colour Schemes Have Changed
How the Earth's second largest heat source may be driving the most recent warming
How The EPA's "Endangerment Finding" Was Stipulated Into Society, Francis Menton
How the internet and the ice age impact the study of climate homeostasis
How the "Climate Cartel' Justifies the 2030 Agenda
How Those Rainfall Projections Turned Out
How to Blow Up a Pipeline film, Loggerhead figures rising
How to Blow Up a Pipeline, blasted by Fox News show as normalizing violent, deadly acts to reach ideological aims
How To Push a Climate Crisis Hoax
Hypocrisy - Barack Obama and wife Michelle arrive in Australia on private jet
I am getting quite frustrated that people cannot see through the myth of man made global warming ...
I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published
Iceland is cooling 13 times faster than the Globe NOAA data
Iceland's Coldest December for 50 years
Icing A Climate Scare
If Climate Were COVID
Ignoring The Evidence
Ilhan Omar Exposed as Liar by New Twitter Feature
In 1938, CBS news demonstrated that they could send America into a panic via scripted fake news
In UN fantasy land, rising sea levels will cause a mass exodus from London, New York and Shanghai
Independent experts say...
Indigenous communities adapt as climate change upends ecological calendars globally
Indigenous youth must be at the forefront of climate diplomacy
Investigating the Links between Climate Injustice and Ableism
Investors want better climate risk disclosure, says study
IPCC Admits Many of its Gloomy Climate Forecasts Are of "Low Likelihood”
IPCC Pressure Tactics Exposed - A Climategate Backgrounder
Ireland's astonishing plan to kill cows for the climate
Is Climate Change Harming Florida's Strawberry Production? Hardly
Is Climate Change The Next COVID-19 Scare Tactic
Is Climate Engineering Real?
Is global warming behind Greece's wildfires?
Is Global Warming Causing Massive Heatwaves?
Is It Going to Get Us? Climate Dystopia, Borders and the Future
Is the IPCC Rigged? - Questions For Corbett
Is the world coming to an end? | Neil Oliver challenges climate activist Donnachadh McCarthy
Is "climate anxiety' a clinical diagnosis? Should it be?
It is time to defund the Met Office, and reorganise it into what it used to be
It Was All Predicted By The Climate Models
It's Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part One
Japan No Kyoto (Or Net Zero)
Jim Lee (ClimateViewer.com) discusses the latest cluster of ridiculous Climate Change psyop initiatives
JJKrispijn ging bij deze klimaatdemonstranten langs
Joe Biden Has Surrendered To Climate Hysteria
John Clauser ripped the pseudoscience and "techno-con' that is climate last week in South Korea
John Kerry Denies PRIVATE JET-SETTING As Extreme Heat Waves Hits US
John Kerry Is Now Going To China To Wave The White Flag - Barrasso Slams Biden Admin Over Climate
Jongeren worden bang gemaakt, om links beleid door te drukken
Jordan Peterson Shares the Horrific Consequences of Climate Activism
Journalists are "pushing an agenda' on climate alarmism
Judith Curry - How Climate "Science” Got Hijacked by Alarmists
Junk Science Alert - More Biased, Misleading Nonsense from Naomi Oreskes & Geoffrey Supran
Just keep handing over your cash, OK!
Katie Hopkins - The Energy Lie
Kevin O'Sullivan is joined by author of 'Green Tyranny' Rupert Darwall to react to comments made by Indian Prime Minister Modi suggesting that developing countries are finding it difficult to progress when imposed with strict green energy restrictions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgCe-BJpaeg
Key role of ice age cycles in early human interbreeding
King Charles backed these care homes for 40 years – now Net Zero is forcing them to close
Klimaatactivisten en de vervalsing van de erfzonde
Klimaatbeleid stort Nederland armoede in
Klimaatverandering is een en al onzin, een kletsverhaal van corruptie en nepmodellen
Klimaatzwendel - delen van de Pacifische Oceaan worden kouder, niet warmer
Konstantin Kisin destroys the BBC with facts and logic
LA Times Flawed Year 2022 Climate Alarmist Propaganda Editorial
Labour SECRET Meeting With "Just Stop Oil' EXPOSED
Leading German Politician Warns Proposed Climate Policies Could Lead To "Uprisings” And "Riots”
Leaked memo suggests £11.6bn climate pledge to be dropped - but government issues denial
Leonardo DiCaprio Disappoints His Activist Fans w/ His Latest Hypocrisy
Less climate warming than expected?
Life In The Police State
LinkedIn censors Milloy post on Hansen's 1988 Senate climate testimony
Lionel Shriver & Rob Henderson - gender and climate obsession will destroy the West
Lionel Shriver - The weather isn't climate change
Little-Known Microbes Could Be an Early Warning Signal of Climate Tipping Point
Loch Ness struggles with Scotland's shifting climate
Long-lost ice core reveals that most of Greenland was green 416,000 years ago
Lord Monckton DESTROYS Climate Alarmism as Communist Scheme
Lord Monckton DESTROYS Climate Alarmism as Communist Scheme
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Media conglomerate offers six-figure 'private jet trips' to reach 'far-flung destinations' and encounter 'legendary wildlife'
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Medieval "climate change” was filled with heatwaves, droughts, and crop failures
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Met Office Refuse To Rule Out 40C
Miljoenen Britten krijgen te horen dat ze hun huizen 's nachts niet mogen verwarmen
Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes–(Or Maybe Not!)
Minerals, We Have A Problem
Misleading Climate Models, Magnetic Stars, Solar Forcing | S0 News July.21.2023
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MSNBC Gets Busted Telling Lies About Famine, Climate Deaths
Myth Of Big Oil Funding Climate Skepticism Vs Big Green's Billion-Dollar Alarmist Industry
Na Corona en de Oekraïne-oorlog volgt nu de klimaatshock
Narrative Shift To Epidemic of Sudden Death Caused By Climate Change
NASA Bureaucrats Hip Deep In Climate Alarmist Kool-Aid
NASA is attempting to scam the public about climate with a red hot map
Neil Oliver says "turn your back' on summer "fear mongering'
Neither Global Warming Or CO2 Radiative Forcing Were A Cause Of Past Mass Extinctions
Net Zero - An Existential Threat to Grid Reliability – and More
Net Zero Climate Credibility is Boiling Over
Net Zero COLLAPSING As MPs Change Their Mind
Net Zero is Dangerous... and Impossible
Net zero is just to make politicians feel good about themselves
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Net Zero on COLLISION COURSE with food inflation and farmers
Net Zero Politicians - Liars, Scoundrels, And Morons
Net Zero Watch warns over change to Ofgem role
Net Zero Watch welcomes Government U-turn on Net Zero heating levy
Net-zero scam puts us on the road to climate social credit
New 50-year study offers insight into effects of climate on bird reproduction
New Analysis Highlights Serious Errors And Bias In Latest IPCC Report
New Greenland ice sheet study shows why it's called "climate idiocy”
New Ice Age - Winter has returned to Europe, a glacier has broken through in Alaska
New ISSB Rules Could End Corporate Greenwashing if Adopted, Chair Says
New report reveals Norwegian Oil Fund as Europe's largest institutional investor in coal despite claiming to be a global climate leader
New research shows link between climate and immune health
New Scientific Evidence Suggests Temperatures Have Been Stable in Greenland For 60 Years, Save for a Sudden 1°C Jump in 1994
New Studies Find No Global Drought Trend Since 1902
New Study Destroys "Doomsday Glacier' Narrative
New Study Finds Greenland's 1929-'31 Temps, Ice Extent, Snow Line "Comparable' To Recent Decades
New Study Pins Time of Greenland's Last Melting to Some 400,000 Years Ago
New study reveals Antarctic ice shelf area has grown by 5305 km2 from 2009-2019
New Study Shows How Geologic Forces Significantly Affect Earth's Climate
New Study Shows Supernovas Influence Earth's Long-Term Climate And More
New study suggests global warming could be mostly an urban problem
New Study to Explore How the Gulf Stream Affects Climate Change and Carbon Cycle
New UN Climate Report Is Unscientific Propaganda
New "Nature' Study Finds Very Little Danger Of Frozen Methane Reaching Surface
Nigel Farage says 'climate lockdowns' could be next step in London mayor's net-zero carbon plan
Nine years ago, the Obama/Biden White House Science Advisor said a warm melting Arctic makes the US cold.
Nir Shaviv - Cosmic rays and climate
NL - 1.609 mondiale wetenschappers ontkrachten terecht de klimaathysterie
NL - 13 miljard euro "subsidies' voor fossiele brandstoffen zijn boekhoudkundig fabeltje
NL - 2 jarige mindcontrol Hogeschool van Amsterdam - Master Klimaatpsychologie
NL - 32 klimaatvoorspellingen die allemaal onjuist zijn gebleken
NL - 500 miljard armen maar Duitsland haalt klimaatdoelstellingen niet
NL - Aandeelhouders ExxonMobil wijzen massaal klimaatpetities af
NL - Aanhoudend nieuws over extreem weer gevolg van pr-machine
NL - Aantal klimaatzaken in vijf jaar tijd meer dan verdubbeld
NL - ACM keurt maandelijkse toeslag voor zonnepanelen goed
NL - Activistische clubs blijken opgezet door Big Business en Big Government
NL - Adviesorgaan Duitsland oppert "klimaatpaspoort'
NL - Afscheid van het tijdperkje Jetten
NL - Al Gore tijdens tirade in Davos - Uitstoot equivalent van 600.000 Hiroshima-bommen per dag
NL - Alarmistische Klimaatraad - C02 verwijdering uit de atmosfeer noodzakelijk om klimaatdoelen te halen.
NL - Alleen klimaatprotest kan Formule 1 nog verstoren
NL - Als Frans Timmermans uit het raam kijkt dan ziet hij klimaatverandering !!
NL - Als je zei dat klimaat-lockdowns de volgende zouden zijn, was je een complottheoreticus
NL - Als klimaatwappies willen dat er minder geld gaat naar fossiele subsidies dan stoppen met vliegen, die krijgen nl de helft.
NL - Als plannen Rutte 4 uitgevoerd gaan worden, dan gaat in ieder geval 60% boeren verdwijnen
NL - Amerikaanse hoogleraar kan de onwaarheid over vermeende klimaatcrisis niet meer verdragen
NL - Amerikaanse klimaatfraudeprofessor wil nu ook tegenstem op Twitter smoren
NL - Amerikaanse miljardairs dringen Europa een radicaal klimaatbeleid op
NL - Angstaanjagend om te zien hoe Nederland meewerkt aan eigen ondergang
NL - Annalen van de klimaathysterie
NL - Antarctica warmt niet op, al zeventig jaar niet
NL - Antwoorden Kamervragen over het bestrijden van beroepsvandalen van Extinction Rebellion
NL - ANWB, groot deel van MKB-ers en ZZP-ers ziet niets in elektrisch rijden
NL - Belgisch klimaatplan gaat onder Europese lat door
NL - Belgische minister wil, net als Macron, ook pauze in Europees klimaatbeleid
NL - België dient voorlopig geen Energie- en Klimaatplan in
NL - Berichten dat het toch kouder gaat worden in plaats van warmer
NL - Betekent de energietransitie verlies van welvaart?
NL - Bezoek Marcel Crox over zijn kritische IPCC boek dat geen aandacht in de Media kreeg
NL - Bij zulke vitale zaken als klimaat, stikstof en energie zijn de rekenvaardigheden van bèta's een absoluut vereiste
NL - Bill Gates financiert een wel heel bizar project om "klimaatverandering' te bestrijden
NL - Bill Gates vliegt met privéjet van $70 miljoen door Australië om les te geven over klimaatverandering
NL - Boek - The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC
NL - Britse hervorming groene subsidies straft de armen terwijl de rijken daarvan profiteren
NL - Brusselse groenten lopen vertraging op door het slechte weer
NL - Burgers betalen de prijs voor klimaatvonnissen van de rechter
NL - Carice van Houten bekritiseerd om huilvideo over klimaat
NL - Carice van Houten heeft steun aan een klimaatpsycholoog, internet slaat op hol
NL - Caroline roept demissionair Minister Rob Jetten op te stoppen met bangmakerij
NL - Caroline vs ChristenUnie. We moeten het over armoede hebben, niet over klimaat.
NL - CDA-Europarlementariër Esther De Lange kritisch op plannen Timmermans
NL - China neemt afstand van klimaatovereenkomst van Parijs
NL - Clintel en de klimaatzaak van de eeuw
NL - Clintel kraakt IPCC-rapport
NL - Clintel legt laatste IPCC-klimaatrapport op de snijtafel
NL - Clintel, Shell, Milieudefensie, Milieu & Mens, Den Haag
NL - Complotverhaal? Nee, Bill Gates blijkt dé klimaatman bij Europese Commissie
NL - D66-minister Rob Jetten noemt hogere klimaatbelastingen 'absoluut prikkelend'
NL - Davos wil aanpak klimaatcrisis, maar deelnemers komen veelal met privéjet
NL - De aarde kookt? Doe niet zo belachelijk
NL - De antipolitiek van klimaatrichtlijnen
NL - De Britse regering zet in op "pragmatische' klimaatinactiviteit voorafgaand aan de verkiezingen
NL - De doelstelling van 1,5 graden C is ten dode opgeschreven
NL - De doelstelling van 1,5 graden opwarming is ten dode opgeschreven
NL - De doemdagreligie van de opwarming van de aarde is een zelfmoordpact om onze economie te vernietigen
NL - De Europese koolstofmarkt - een dure grap voor het klimaat en de werkende klasse
NL - De grote "globale opwarming” zwendel
NL - De hete zomer (1976)
NL - De impact van klimaatverandering op het politieke klimaat
NL - De invloed van windturbineparken op weersveranderingen en windsnelheden
NL - De klimaat maatregelen gaan ons economisch de kop kosten
NL - De klimaat-kanjerloterij van Rob Jetten
NL - De klimaatactivist - lui, egocentrisch en hypocriet
NL - De klimaatdiscussie neemt psychotische vormen aan
NL - De klimaatinvloed van kosmische straling, op geologische tijdschaal
NL - De Klimaatpaus is terug in Nederland
NL - De kritiek op klimaatmodellen groeit
NL - De natuurbrand die woedt op Tenerife, is aangestoken. Dat zegt regionaal president Fernando Clavijo.
NL - De nieuwe Wetenschappelijke Klimaatraad - ondeskundig en activistisch
NL - De ongehoorde manieren van ombudsman Margo Smit
NL - De opwarming van de aarde en de botsing tussen het Westen en de rest van de wereld
NL - De opwarming van westelijk Spitsbergen
NL - De politieke agenda van het IPCC
NL - De puzzel is compleet - klimaat en gezondheid worden nu gekoppeld
NL - De ratten verlaten het groene schip
NL - De SGP is groener dan PvdA en GroenLinks bij elkaar
NL - De strijd tegen warme woningen
NL - De strijd van Berlijn tegen de "klimaatlijmers”
NL - De toekomende tijd is het grootste wapen van de klimaatideologie
NL - De tragiek van Frans Timmermans is dat hij nog de laatste stuiptrekkingen van kabinet Rutte IV meemaakt
NL - De valse klimaatconsensus
NL - De warmtepompcrisis bij Der Spiegel - hoe een klimaatbevlogen weekblad zich keert tegen groene politiek
NL - De wereld gaat kapot door de groene extreem dure grapjes van oa Timmermans
NL - De wereld is in de afgelopen 43 jaar slechts 0,3 graad opgewarmd - minder dan de foutmarge
NL - De zoveelste warrige professor over klimaatverandering: prof. dr. Henk de Regt van de Radbouduniversiteit
NL - De "Berlijn aan de Rijn'-droom van Rob Jetten dreigt werkelijkheid te worden
NL - Dedecker hecht weinig geloof aan "bekering” De Croo
NL - Demonstratie Malieveld mag niet doorgaan
NL - Dessing (FVD) confronteert Kuipers, gaan mensen worden opgesloten onder het mom van klimaat?
NL - Diederik Samsom over het dwangmatig verduurzamen van gebouwen en huizen
NL - Diepzinnig leuteren over het klimaat…
NL - Dit is niets anders dan een GEKTE - Baudet (FVD) in klimaatdebat
NL - DNW klimaatdebat - Marcel Crok vs Guido van der Werf
NL - Door de mens veroorzaakte of natuurlijke opwarming van de aarde?
NL - Door klimaatverandering worden de oceanen steeds groener
NL - Droom Timmermans in duigen. Rem op klimaatplannen
NL - Duitse acties tegen klimaatverandering doen denken aan pandemiebestrijding
NL - Duitse regering gooit miljarden voor "klimaatontwikkelingshulp” uit het raam
NL - Duitse voorkeur voor een eigen auto neemt weer toe
NL - Duitsers zijn banger voor migratie dan voor "klimaatverandering”
NL - Duur, schadelijk en minimale broeikasgasbesparing - wie stopt de warmtepompgekte?
NL - ECB pusht banken klimaatdoelen te halen
NL - ECB pusht banken klimaatdoelen te halen
NL - Een hogere vliegtaks biedt overigens geen soelaas voor Jettens klimaatdoelen
NL - Een kleine medialogica rond Greta Thunberg & Marcel Crok
NL - Een klimaatneutrale samenleving is geen utopie
NL - Een leugen om bestwil ?
NL - Eerdmans in fel debat met klimaatactivist
NL - Eerste Amerikaanse klimaatzaak gaat van start
NL - Emotie-alarmisme
NL - Er is geen klimaat-noodtoestand. Wanneer houdt de hysterie op?
NL - Er is maar één klimaat goed voor de mens en dat is het klimaat van vrijheid
NL - Ernstige fouten in het IPCC-rapport
NL - EU wil zogenaamde klimaat-ontkenners demonetiseren
NL - Europees commissaris Timmermans "diep teleurgesteld" door houding Vlaanderen
NL - Europese klimaat-adviesraad komt met nieuw klimaatalarmisme voor burgers
NL - Europese Klimaatraad toont zich een lakei van de zittende EU-macht
NL - Europese klimaatwet verbiedt nieuwe diesel- en benzinewagens vanaf 2035
NL - Europese Rekenkamer vernietigend over Europees klimaatbeleid
NL - Eva Vlaardingerbroek doorprikt klimaatpolitiek
NL - Extreme afkoeling veroorzaakte uitsterven van vroege mensachtigen tijdens het pleistoceen in Europa, volgens nieuw onderzoek
NL - Farmers Defence Force (FDF) wil donderdag met tractoren naar Den Haag om te demonstreren
NL - Forse afname uitstoot broeikasgassen in 2022
NL - Forse kritiek op Timmermans
NL - Frans Timmermans stuit op demonstranten in Enschede tijdens Climate Start-up dag
NL - Frans Timmermans verliest steun binnen Europese Commissie, steun van Nederland voor zijn beleid kalft af
NL - Frans Timmermans wil niet dat je dit boek van een partijgenoot over klimaatverandering leest
NL - Fritz Vahrenholt - Er is geen klimaatcrisis
NL - Fritz Vahrenholt - klimaatcrisis of klimaathysterie?
NL - Gebruik van geweld in klimaatstrijd blijft geoorloofd voor ex-GroenLinks-strateeg
NL - Gemiddelde wereldtemperatuur al bijna 9 jaar betrekkelijk stabiel
NL - Geofysicus Guus Berkhout ontkracht 7 karikaturen van klimaatsceptici
NL - Gerrit Hiemstra (NOS) steeds meer onder vuur vanwege ongebreideld klimaatactivisme
NL - Global warming is niet eng genoeg. Snel, bedenk iets nieuws!
NL - Goed klimaatnieuws, maar de media zwijgen
NL - Green Deal - een opgelegde revolutie
NL - Green Deal - Ministeries pleiten voor vergaande klimaatmaatregelen - David Boerstra
NL - Gregory Wrightstone over ongemakkelijke klimaatfeiten
NL - Greta Thunberg is zoals we weten, de levende propaganda geworden van de "klimaatagenda'
NL - Greta Thunberg opnieuw opgepakt, paar uur na veroordeling door rechtbank
NL - Griekse minister van Klimaat spreekt leugenmedia tegen [Geert]
NL - Groeiend "woke' leger klimaatpsychologen praat klimaatdepressieven uit/in de put
NL - Groeiende klimaatskepsis wereldwijd
NL - Groene leugens? Stop de Groene Rechtszaken!
NL - GroenLinks is overbodig (want alles en iedereen is nu van het klimaat)
NL - Grootste oorzaak verdroging niet klimaatverandering, maar slecht waterbeleid
NL - Grote Zwitserse verzekeraar stapt uit klimaatalarmisme-groep
NL - Heb je daar een link van?
NL - Het bevroren klimaatbeeld van het IPCC, een analyse van AR6
NL - Het extreme klimaatverschijnsel El Niño kan de komende maanden de temperaturen in een groot deel van de wereld opstuwen
NL - Het groene geloof
NL - Het klimaat als angstverwekker en verdienmodel
NL - Het klimaat is een verdienmodel voor angst geworden
NL - Het klimaatdebat
NL - Het radicaal linkse Extinction Rebellion praat klimaat en leeft fossiel
NL - Het verhaal van dwaaseiland
NL - Hierom spelen gedragspsychologen een cruciale rol bij de grote klimaathoax, net als tijdens corona
NL - Hitteporno over Zuid-Europa
NL - Hitteporno over Zuid-Europa
NL - Hoe bezorgd moeten we zijn om klimaatverandering?
NL - Hoe de klimaatbeweging zichzelf opblaast
NL - Hoe de klimaatveranderingen de rechten van ouderen bedreigen
NL - Hoe klimaatalarmisten hogere oceaantemperaturen construeren
NL - Hoe RTL weerman mensen op het verkeerde been zet
NL - Hoe Tjeerd de Groot over de rug van een dode zeeman zijn punt probeert te maken
NL - Hoofdredacteur ESB maakt karikatuur van klimaatsceptici
NL - Ian Plimer (geoloog) over klimaatverandering
NL - Ierland overweegt 200.000 koeien te slachten om klimaatdoelstellingen te halen
NL - Ierland overweegt de komende drie jaar bijna 200.000 koeien te doden
NL - Ierse boeren waarschuwen voor opstand als regering doorgaat met klimaatdoelstellingen
NL - Implementatie Europese klimaatwet
NL - In 2030 zijn geen miljoenen woningen verduurzaamd
NL - In de ban van klimaathysterie
NL - In de "klimaatzaak van de eeuw' zijn wetenschap en burger onmisbaar
NL - In slecht 18 jaar tijd een gigantische terugtrekking van de gletsjer net na de kleine ijstijd
NL - India, recordbestelling vliegtuigen negeert klimaatakkoord
NL - Invloed van vulkanen op klimaat onderschat door ALLE computermodellen, blijkt uit Cambridge-onderzoek
NL - Is het klimaatdebat aan het kantelen?
NL - Israëlische astrofysicus - de zon bepaalt het klimaat op aarde, niet CO2
NL - Italië heeft een witte zomer
NL - Italië stuurt antiterreureenheid op klimaat-chaoten af
NL - Jarenlange klimaatindoctrinatie tast de geloofwaardigheid van de rechtspraak aan
NL - Je mag niet meer zeggen dat het klimaat je niets uitmaakt
NL - Jetten (D66) weet niet hoeveel graden verschil Nederland kan leveren met klimaatmaatregelen
NL - Jos Pierey over wanneer klimaatbeleid botst met wespendieven en juridische zorgvuldigheid
NL - Kaag geeft "conservatisme' van kiezer de schuld van verzet tegen klimaatmaatregelen
NL - Kan het dimmen van de zon het smelten van ijs voorkomen?
NL - Kees de Lange over de opwarming van de aarde
NL - Klimaat versus natuur | Nieuws in De Andere Krant
NL - Klimaat- en stikstofbeleid maken boodschappen behoorlijk duurder komende jaren
NL - Klimaat- en stikstoffonds ongelukkig idee
NL - Klimaatactivisme vervalt tot intimidatie en agressie
NL - Klimaatactivist filosofeert bij de NPO hardop over geweld, en krijgt nog applaus ook
NL - Klimaatactivisten worden betaald voor hun culturele verwoesting
NL - Klimaatafspraken met grootvervuilers komen niet van de grond
NL - Klimaatalarm wetenschappers en hun trouwe volgelingen zitten in een diepe depressie
NL - Klimaatalarmisme breekt alle records (in de media)
NL - Klimaatalarmisten beweren dat ze worden misbruikt op Twitter sinds Elon Musk het roer overnam
NL - Klimaatalarmisten gebruiken een nieuwe aanpak om mensen bang te maken
NL - Klimaatangst beïnvloedt keuze tot gezinsuitbreiding
NL - Klimaatangst zaaien met kleuren
NL - Klimaatbelasting om corona-leningen af te lossen
NL - Klimaatbeleid - redelijkheid versus radicaliteit
NL - Klimaatbeleid loopt vast op de Cariben
NL - Klimaatbeleid op gespannen voet met fundamentele vrijheden - David Boerstra
NL - Klimaatbeleid. Redelijkheid versus radicaliteit.
NL - Klimaatblokkade schiet Hagenezen in het verkeerde keelgat - Pleur op!
NL - Klimaatcensuur wordt steeds scherper
NL - Klimaatcensuur wordt steeds scherper
NL - Klimaatdrammers die een Nobelprijswinnaar cancelen
NL - Klimaatexpert laat zien dat Antarctica al 70 jaar niet opwarmt, en wordt van LinkedIn gegooid
NL - Klimaatfeiten geven geen aanleiding tot alarmisme
NL - Klimaatfonds Timmermans gekraakt
NL - Klimaatgekkie en juriste Prins negeert de rechter
NL - Klimaathysterie en een ijzeren vuist
NL - Klimaathysterische grootouders, ouders en hun kinderen kiezen Rembrandt's Nachtwacht als actiedoel tegen fossiele energie
NL - Klimaatlat voorlopig niet juridisch afdwingbaar
NL - Klimaatlobby met oliegeld gesmeerd
NL - Klimaatmeisje Greta en haar machtige steunpilaren, of hoe de waanzin een hoogtepunt bereikt
NL - Klimaatmiljarden hier, stikstofmiljarden daar
NL - Klimaatminister Jetten mist steun van Belgische regering voor Europees klimaatbeleid
NL - Klimaatminister Jetten pakte regeringsvliegtuig voor reis naar Groningen
NL - Klimaatneutraal Europa is waanzinnig duur groen sprookje
NL - Klimaatneutraal Europa tegen 2050 is een waanzinnig duur groen sprookje
NL - Klimaatonderzoeker - steeds meer ijs op Antarctica
NL - Klimaatpakket minister Jetten is 'desastreus' voor industrie Groningen
NL - Klimaatpolitiek blijkt industriepolitiek - geen staal zonder miljardensubsidies.
NL - Klimaatraad wil versnelling beleid, 'maar niemand op de kast jagen'
NL - Klimaatrapporten van IPCC zijn vooringenomen en ongeschikt om beleid op te maken | Ongehoord Nieuws
NL - Klimaatslim Bosbeheer (subsidie houtkap én voor herplant)
NL - Klimaatsocialisme Rutte IV zet door
NL - Klimaattop-voorzitter COP28 - wereld niet klaar om fossiele brandstoffen "uit te schakelen'
NL - Klimaatverandering of weersverandering?
NL - Klimaatverandering wordt uitgebuit door "mega miljardairs” om de planeet te tiranniseren
NL - Klimaatzaak van de eeuw - Clintel, Shell, Milieudefensie, Milieu & Mens
NL - Klussen onbereikbaar voor dieselbussen door zero-emissiezones
NL - Kops vs Jetten - Het is complete waanzin dat u de wereld wilt gaan redden
NL - Kopzorgen bij gemeenten en ondernemers over aankomende 'zero-emissiezones'
NL - Leon de Winter over de wurggreep van het klimaatbeleid
NL - Lezing Obama-adviseur én klimaatcriticus prof. Steven Koonin in Driebergen
NL - Luchtvaart stoot meer broeikasgassen uit dan complete landbouw
NL - Maatregelen voor 3M zijn klimaatwinst voor Vlaanderen
NL - Manifest klimaatalarm
NL - Marcel Crok op ON over stikstof en het nieuwste klimaatrapport van Clintel
NL - Marcel Crok over de hoge kosten van "hysterisch klimaatbeleid"
NL - Marcel Crok over klimaathysterie
NL - Marcel Crok over Net Zero en de vermeende klimaatcrisis
NL - Martin Bosma over Extinction Rebellion
NL - Media liegen over klimaat | In De Andere Krant 30 - 2023
NL - Meer dan 1,5 graden aardopwarming zal niet tot ondergang van de wereld leiden
NL - Meer dan het veranderende klimaat is het beleid om de CO2-uitstoot te verminderen een ramp
NL - Meer Europese burgers en bedrijven gaan betalen voor de broeikasgassen die ze uitstoten
NL - Meer geld voor onderzoek is vaak kansloze investering
NL - Mensen zijn klimaathysterie helemaal ZAT
NL - Mensheid heeft per ongeluk de eerste ijsvrije zomer op de Noordpool met zo'n vijftien jaar uitgesteld
NL - Michelle Stirling over Clintel-rapport
NL - Mijn factchecker moet toegeven dat Malediven eilandjes niet aan het verzuipen zijn
NL - Miljardair Bill Gates blijkt de klimaatman bij de Europese Commissie
NL - Mythe van Big Oil's financiering van klimaatscepticisme versus realiteit van Big Green's miljarden die klimaatalarmisme stimuleren
NL - Na jaren van wanbeleid zit Duitsland gevangen tussen berusting en woede
NL - Na "climate boiling' is er volgens VN nu sprake van "climate breakdown'
NL - Nederland wil, samen met drie andere Europese landen, strengere regels voor privévliegtuigen
NL - Nederlandse industrie bezorgd om klimaatplan EU, vreest schade export
NL - Nederlandse klimaatonderzoeker - het einde is nog niet nabij
NL - Net Zero Watch verwelkomt de ommezwaai van de Britse regering over de verwarmingsheffing
NL - Netto nul - de zelfmoord van Europa
NL - Nexit, Energie en Onafhankelijkheid - in gesprek met Frans van der Werf
NL - Niemand roept deze VN-baas tot de orde over de schade die hij aanricht met zijn gebazel over "global boiling'
NL - Niet alleen rondom Corona is er een nieuwe religie ontstaan, maar dat is ook bij het klimaat het geval
NL - Niet klimaatverandering, maar klimaatpolitiek veroorzaakte de dodelijke branden op Hawaï
NL - Nieuw IPCC-rapport jaagt klimaatalarmisme verder aan
NL - Nobelprijswinnaar natuurkunde (2022) tekent Wereldklimaatverklaring van Nederlandse Clintel
NL - NOS, stop met eenzijdige klimaatberichtgeving richting komende verkiezingen
NL - Oceaanstromen op aarde nemen steeds verder af - waarom dat een probleem is
NL - Olietopman als voorzitter volgende VN-klimaattop doet stof opwaaien
NL - Ongehoord Nederland over gevolgen van klimaatbeleid
NL - Ontkennen van menselijke invloed op "klimaatverandering' is VERBOTEN bij NU.nl
NL - Ook zo klaar met zware doemverhalen?
NL - Open brief aan Donald Pols - sta open voor interventie Clintel
NL - Oproep aan KNAW-hoogleraar Landsman - lees voor zaterdag het boek van klimaatrealist Jules de Waart
NL - Opwarming van de aarde kan vooral stedelijk zijn
NL - Over de Annalen van de klimaathysterie
NL - Over de waanzin van klimaatrecords
NL - Overdreven aannames activisten vertroebelen zicht op oplossing
NL - Overheidsinstantie fileert Jettens klimaatplannen - slechts 14% effectief
NL - Overheidsreclame wekt irritatie
NL - Pacifische eilanden en zeespiegelstijging
NL - Pas op, daar komen de klimaatlockdowns!
NL - Patrick Moore, mede-oprichter van Greenpeace, over het klimaatnarratief versus feiten
NL - Peer review in de klimatologie – een nieuw dieptepunt
NL - Peiling - meerderheid Nederlanders wil af van klimaatactivisten
NL - Pensioengigant ABP (470 miljard) hoort geen actiegroep te zijn. Stop ermee.
NL - Permafrost is geen tikkende tijdbom | Gesprek met Rúna Magnússon
NL - Pierre Capel EEN LEUGEN OM BESTWIL (duidelijke grafieken klimaat leugens)
NL - Plotseling veel aandacht voor Clintel in de VS
NL - Politie rijdt dwars door blokkade van klimaatextremisten: "Zo doe je dat in Nevada'
NL - Politiebonden boos over niet vervolgen klimaatactivisten
NL - Politieke klimaathysterie kiest voor miljardenverslindende ramkoers
NL - Potdikkie, alweer geen opwarming in januari
NL - Pseudo-klimaatwetenschap
NL - Pseudowetenschap, hebzucht en nihilisme achter desinformatie over klimaatverandering en bosbranden
NL - Radicaal klimaatprogramma Partij voor de Dieren
NL - Reguliere media spelen vies spelletje met burger betreft klimaat
NL - Rekenkamer - Europa gaat klimaatdoelen 2030 niet halen
NL - Rijst krijgt nu de schuld van de opwarming van de aarde
NL - Rob Jetten zegt dat hij wil "versnellen', maar hij is vooral aan het draaien
NL - Rob Jetten ziet zich als revolutionair klimaatleider. Maar zijn plannen zijn even megalomaan als onmogelijk.
NL - Rob Roos vs. Timmermans - Autobezit betekent vrijheid
NL - Roddelverslaggever Robert Smaaldermans is op de A12, waar heel bekend Nederland is
NL - Roomijs is héél slecht voor het klimaat?
NL - Senator Kennedy vraagt hoeveel minder opwarming het Amerikaanse klimaatbeleid oplevert
NL - Sensationele kleuren domineren steeds vaker de weerkaarten
NL - Slavernij-schuldgevoel en klimaat-schuldgevoel zijn zo broertje en zusje
NL - Sterke twijfels over waarschuwingsbrief van OM aan klimaatactivisten, Kamervragen gesteld
NL - Stichting Clintel toont aan - er is geen klimaatcrisis
NL - Stoffer clasht met D66, GL, PvdA en PvdD over motie belangenclubs
NL - Stop met alarmisme over uitsterving, 1,5 graden is geen existentiële bedreiging
NL - Tata Steel doet wat graag mee aan de subsidiefolklore
NL - Team van experts heeft scherpe kritiek op VN-klimaatrapport
NL - Terechte waarschuwing Plasterk voor geweld klimaatactivisten
NL - The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC
NL - The Trueman Show 109 Marcel Crok Klimaatcrisis, echt of niet?
NL - Tien jaar na megaramp kledingindustrie - werk veiliger, lonen erg laag
NL - Tientallen bomen illegaal gekapt; klimaatburgemeester voorkomt verdere kaalslag
NL - Tijdelijke wet Klimaatfonds - Klimaatpakket / Klimaatdebat Tweede Kamer
NL - Timmermans met zijn groteske klimaat- en natuurplannen nu zelf in crisis
NL - Toespraak geannuleerd van Nobelprijswinnaar die niet gelooft in klimaatcrisis
NL - Topklimaatwetenschappers verwijzen juli als warmste maand ooit naar rijk der fabelen
NL - Topklimaatwetenschappers zeggen dat ze de opdracht hebben gekregen om de waarheid te "verdoezelen”
NL - Tropische temperaturen, 1976
NL - U kunt klimaatneutraal autorijden dankzij extreme uitbuiting en zware milieuvervuiling in Congo
NL - Uit de oude doos - tropische temperaturen 1976
NL - Uitstoot EU moet met 95 procent omlaag in 2040
NL - Van der Plas - er komen enorme voedseltekorten, maar we verspillen 28 miljard aan KLIMAATBELEID
NL - Van der Plas - Jullie doel is 0,000036 graden minder opwarming, ten koste van alles
NL - Van Haga - Corona-demonstranten werden GEMEPT, demonstranten zijn ONGELIJK behandeld!
NL - Vele windmolens naderen einde leven, recyclen wieken is (nog) niet makkelijk
NL - Verbod verbrandingsmotoren subsidieert China en is nutteloos voor klimaat
NL - Vergroening en klimaat
NL - Verlos ons van klimaatdrammers
NL - Verzet tegen Europees klimaatbeleid neemt ook in buurlanden toe
NL - Verzwegen natuurlijke opwarming ?
NL - Via dit nieuwe concept wordt straks het klimaatgeloof gekoppeld aan volksgezondheid
NL - Volgens Al Gore zou poolijs in 2014 verdwenen zijn
NL - Volgens de metingen is er geen dalende trend in oppervlakte ijs op Groenland
NL - Volgens zes internationale topwetenschappers zullen de temperaturen op het noordelijk halfrond de komende 25 jaar dalen
NL - Waarom bericht de NOS niet neutraal over klimaat?
NL - Waarom werden de Blokkeerfriezen vervolgd en bestraft en waarom gaan de klimativisten van XR vrijuit?
NL - Waaron klimaatverandering geen crisis is
NL - Wanneer gaan westerse landen voor klimaatschade in Afrika betalen?
NL - Warme golfstroom in gevaar door broeikasgassen
NL - Warme Golfstroom kan eerder stoppen dan gedacht
NL - Wat de klimaatlobby u niet vertelt - 10 nadelen van de waterpomp
NL - Wat Greta Thunberg niet begrijpt van klimaatverandering
NL - Wat klimaatproblematiek doet met de menselijke psyche
NL - Wat klopt van de klimaatverandering waarover de media berichten?
NL - Watersituatie aan het Gardameer - experts corrigeren klimaatpropaganda
NL - We zitten opgescheept met klimaatactivisten die steeds meer terrein willen winnen en agressiever worden
NL - We zullen Gerrit Hiemstra nog missen
NL - Weerman Gerrit Hiemstra krijgt wind van voren
NL - Weerman verklaart iedereen die niet aan klimaatbescherming doet tot STAATSVIJAND
NL - Wereldleiders bespraken plannen voor klimaatgericht financieel systeem
NL - Werken aan klimaatdictatuur - gevaarlijk geknutsel met kiesrecht
NL - Westerse klimaatprofeten vervangen de traditionele religie
NL - Wetenschappers ontdekken dat hogere koolstofdioxidegehalten veel delen van de planeet AFKOELEN
NL - Wetenschapper' bepleit collectieve zelfmoord van de oudere generatie
NL - Wetenschapsjournalist Marcel Crok sloopt klimaatbeleid | Ongehoord Nieuws
NL - Wie gaat de prijs betalen van de klimaatregels, de boer of burger?!
NL - Wij moeten ons aanpassen aan het klimaat, i.p.v. het klimaat aanpassen
NL - Witte Huis vertelt waarheid over klimaat
NL - Wolf in schaapskleren wil premier van Nederland worden
NL - Worden alarmisten en sceptici het ooit eens over de oorzaken van klimaatverandering?
NL - Wybren van Haga | minister Rob Jetten smijt met miljarden maar het resultaat is helemaal niets
NL - Ze laten nadrukkelijk de mogelijkheid open voor klimaatlockdowns
NL - Zoekactie naar klimaatactivist
NL - Zondag 6 augustus j.l. was de koudste zondag ooit gemeten
NL - Zwaarste zomerstorm ooit gekaapt door klimaat-alarmisten
NL - Zweden gooit doelstellingen voor hernieuwbare energie overboor
NL - Zweedse klimaatpaniekexpeditie zit met enorme ijsbreker vast in het Poolijs
NL - € 52,3 miljard Duitse klimaathulp sijpelde wereldwijd weg in "dubieuze buitenlandse” kanalen
No Global Warming for Eight Years
No Jeremy Warner, Weather Disasters Are Not Getting Worse
No, BBC, Tornadoes Are Not Getting Worse
No, Great Britain News, 20°C Temperatures Will Not Cause Britons to "Bake in a Heat Wave'
NOAA 1974 – Global Cooling Causes Droughts
NOAA and NASA have altered the US temperature data to turn a long-term cooling trend into a warming trend
North Atlantic volcanic activity was a major driver of climate change 56 million years ago, study finds
North Pole Will Be Ice-Free By 2013! – Al Gore in 2009
Note to Yale Climate Connections – There Is no Link Between Droughts and Climate Change
Nuclear war would be more devastating for Earth's climate than cold war predictions – even with fewer weapons
Of course, there are vested corporate interests in the climate change deception
On the media hype around bad weather
Only 12% of the increase in CO2 between 1750 and 2018 was man-made
Our Global Boiling Summer Was As Hot As 1857
Out of this world control on Ice Age cycles
Oxford Fights Climate Lockdowns
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Past abrupt changes in North Atlantic Overturning have impacted the climate system across the globe, study shows
Past Heatwaves In Europe
Paying the Costs of Climate Resilience
PBS Rolls Out "Climate Psychology Therapist” For Armageddon-Coping Session
PDF - Delivering the UK's climate change commitment with incremental changes to today's technologies
Permaculture for Climate Change Resilience in Mexico
Petroleum Association and Controversial Waste Management Firm Sponsoring Events at Flagship Environmental Journalism Conference
Piers Corbyn delivers a speech at the 2023 Jam of Freedom Music Festival about the climate change hoax and the propaganda used to trick the masses.
Poland asks EU's top court to cancel three climate policies
Polar bear expert - Activist fact-checkers are misleading the public
Police COOPERATE With "Just Stop Oil'
Policing Just Stop Oil protests has cost taxpayers £7,700,000
Population Denialism is Reminiscent of Climate Denialism
Pseudoscience, Greed, And Nihilism Behind Disinformation On Climate Change And Fires
Psychological Priming for Climate Change Lockdowns
Pushing the Climate Scam on the World
Recent Decades Of Cooling And Sea Ice Expansion Has Led To Declining Elephant Seal Populations
Record Breaking Heatwave In Europe?
Record Temperature In China Not All It Seems
Regenerative Farming "The Truth Behind Climate Change”
Regional climate changes drive life-threatening zoonotic disease outbreaks
Renewables transition slammed for "harm' it's causing families in energy bills
René lacht om de klimaatactivisten, die opnieuw de A12 willen gaan blokkeren
Report - No global warming for over 8 years, satellite data shows
Research links climate change to "lazier' jet stream, leading to extreme weather
Researchers discover a cause of rapid ice melting in Greenland
Reuters Are Challenged Over Partisan Reporting On Climate
Reuters finally fake fact-checks Milloy's 13 million-view tweet
Rich nations owe developing nations $170 trillion in climate compensation
Richard Lindzen's Climate Reality Check - Bridging the Gap Between Data and Climate Policy
Rishi Sunak CANCELS Net Zero Target
Rishi Sunak Defies Net Zero Ban on New Airports
Rishi Sunak must "row back' on net-zero nonsense in order to keep his job
Roger Pielke Jr - The political agenda of the IPCC
SCOTUS to allow junk climate lawsuits in State courts
Sea ice will soon disappear from the Arctic during the summer months -- and it has happened before
Several regions of South Africa have had a harsh winter this year, especially over the last weekend
Shameful Climate Propaganda From the "Union of Concerned Scientists”
She's a Useful Idiot! - Is Greta Thunberg Manipulated By Big Media?
She's an adult version of Greta Thunberg - Climate Karen in action
Signals That Global Cooling Is Beginning
So what's the REAL point of "Just Stop Oil” protests?
Solar panels produce five TIMES more carbon dioxide than previously thought, report claims
Solidariteit en het Poolijs - Ad Nuis (column)
Sticking It to the Mann - A Pushback on Climate "Scientist" Dr. Michael Mann
Stop met de klimaatdictatuur!
Stop terrorising the young with climate doom
Studies Suggest That Wind Parks Cause Climate Change, Even Regional Drought
Study Finds Solar Panels Aren't As "Green' As Proponents Claim
Study highlights potential of Africa's 'forgotten' food crops for climate resilience and nutrition
Study reveals new clues about how 'Earth's thermostat' controls climate
Stunning satellite photo of a volcano burning through ice in Antarctica
Sue Cook on 'fear-mongering' over Global boiling
Suffering From Climate Anxiety? There's a Solution
Sweden Dumps Climate Agenda, Scraps Green Energy Targets
Swiss Billionaire Bankrolling Dark Money Group Pushing For Biden Climate Initiative
Swiss Politician Calls On Making Climate Denial A "Criminal Offense'
Switzerland backs climate Bill with net-zero target for 2050
Sydney Fizzard speaks to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who says he wants to see more oil production by 2030
Syp Wynia en Sander Schimmelpenninck over klimaatbeleid
Temperatures Are Not Becoming More Extreme
The 1.5 C Temperature Fiction, Already Exceeded
The Anti-Human Green Agenda
The Atmosphere is Cooling Dangerously Fast
The Australian climate protesters cast as extremists
The BEST Climate Clip I've EVER seen - What do you think??
The Big Climate Lie
The Billionaires Behind "Electrifying Everything” and "The Gas Bans”
The Blunt Truth about Global Warming Models
The Carbon Capture Distraction
The Chinese Inverse Hockey Stick
The climate alarmists are out in full force
The Climate Alarmist's Greatest Fear
The climate change agenda is a scam
The climate change agenda is a scam, part IV - Wind Energy
The Climate Change Conspiracy - This Is What They're Hiding From You - Jim Rickards
The Climate Change Debate (Preview)
The Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Ripoff
The Climate Change Pandemic Predicted by CNN on hidden camera
The Climate Change Scam
The Climate Change "Emergency' Is Coming For You
The climate cult is destroying international shipping
The Climate Cultists Are Coming For Electric Cars, Too
The Climate emergency that will destroy our planet and humanity, unless we pay a lot of CO2-tax
The Climate Engineering Catastrophe | Dane Wigington Interview Trailer
The climate hoax is unveiled for all to see
The climate scaremongers
The climate scaremongers
The climate scaremongers - BBC Verify should investigate the BBC
The climate scaremongers - Drive to EVs is killing the British car industry
The climate scaremongers - Heatwave hysteria
The climate scaremongers - How the Met Office cooks the temperature books
The climate scaremongers - How the "world disaster' figures lie
The climate scaremongers - How to lose a lot of money – buy an electric car
The climate scaremongers - Infernal nonsense
The climate scaremongers - Playing fast and loose with the facts
The climate scaremongers - The day the Earth didn't catch fire
The climate scaremongers - Warning! It's summer!
The climate scaremongers - We're all going to starve – or are we?
The climate scaremongers - We're being told what to buy
The Climate Scaremongers - What Extreme Weather Really Looks Like
The Climate Story is a Complete Joke
The Climate Story is a Complete Joke | Episode 2
The Climate War On Food
The Climate Wars Are Heating Up
The Creator vs. the Climate Cult
The Dangerous Contrivance of "Climate Change”
The Dark Side Of Biden's "Climate Justice' Agenda
The Day After Tomorrow is here
The Dimming - Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-Up
The Doomsday Iceberg Explained
The End Of Cheap Flights
The era of global boiling has arrived
The EU's Net Zero crusade will impoverish Italy
The Evil of Climate Alarmism
The Fake Climate Consensus
The Fed's Secret Involvement in Climate Change Policy
The Fed's Climate Complacency
The Final Corruption of The American Public | Is the Net Zero target for 2050 a Scam?
The Fires in Greece Are More Likely to Have Been Caused by Arsonists Than Global Warming
The French Show Us How to Deal With Eco-Loon Protesters Blocking Roads
The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC - Marcel Crok
The future of urban consumption in a 1.5C world
The Great Climate Change Science Bottleneck
The green elites really do want climate rationing
The green movement is a disinformation campaign
The Greenland Threat Escalates
The Hidden Agenda - How "Climate Change" is Designed to Control You! ft. Peter St Onge
The high-speed Lyon-Turin rail link involves excavating what will be the world's longest rail tunnel, but will its carbon footprint be too damaging?
The ice in Antarctica has melted before
The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Science
The Inconvenient Truth About "Climate Refugees' – A Closer Look At The Data
The Infuriating Climate Alarm
The IPCC ignored crucial peer-reviewed literature showing that normalized disaster losses have decreased since 1990
The IPCC Keeps Contradicting Itself, Leaving Its Credibility In Tatters
The King's Climate Predictions
The Lancet, which scammed the world by publishing a rigged study against ivermectin, now says climate change is a "medical emergency”
The Lancet's Scientific Chicanery on Mortality Exposed by CO2 Coalition
The Little Ice Age In Europe
The Lowest Tibetan Plateau Glacial Temps Were Still 3°C Warmer Than Today
The Man Who Would Be Green King
The Ministry of Climate Truth
The Misery of Climate Misery
The MSM Has Memory-Holed Tonga's Warming Effects On World Temps
The Never-Ending Schemes Of The Climate Change Grifters
The New Scientist Cancels Former BBC Science Correspondent Because of His Links to the Global Warming Policy Foundation
The Next Ice Age | Glaciation is Coming
The Ocean's Influence on Global Temperatures
The political exploitation of children
The purpose of climate fact checkers is attempt to interrupt any serious conversation about climate
The Real Reason Elites Want You Terrified of Global Warming
The rise of heatwave hysteria | The spiked podcast
The Safe Climate Of Seventy Years Ago
The Scaremongers Are Wrong
The silence from environmentalists over EAST PALESTINE and NORD STREAM is deafining
The Snows Of Greenland
The solar ice age programme is in full swing. All climate models are upside down.
The strange glee over the European heatwave
The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind the Global Warming Deception
The thinking women's guide to climate change - No emergency, no need for alarm
The Times (UK) attacks Musk for permitting freedom of climate reality
The True Purpose of "Earth Day' Was Not Politics or Climate Alarmism
The Truth About Wheat Production And "Climate Change'
The Truth About "Net-Zero' and the Anti-Human Ideology Fueling It
The U.N. and U.S. Government Are Climate "Disinformation Threat Actors'
The UK's Net Zero Policy
The Untold Story of Climate's Holocene Gift to Humanity
The "Gulf Stream' will not collapse in 2025
There Doesn't Go The Arctic Ice Again
Thermageddon Called Off - No Change In Average U.K. Temps For Over Two Decades
This Scientist Used To Spread Climate Change Alarmism. Now She's Trying To Debunk It.
Top 15 Remarkable Reasons that Indicate Global Warming Is a Hoax
Top climate scientists rubbish claims July was the hottest month ever
Top science publisher withdraws flawed climate study
Tucker Carlson discusses failed climate predictions published by the Competitive Enterprise Institute
Twenty Years Of Cold North Pole Summer Temperatures
Twitter Climate Alarmists Alarmed at the Rise of Free Speech
Two Top Climate Scientists Find Further Evidence That Global Warming Has Been Exaggerated
U.S. is educating 'millions of Greta Thunbergs'
U.S. lawmakers stopped visiting China. Is climate cooperation at risk?
UC Irvine scientists say deepening Arctic snowpack drives greenhouse gas emissions
UK tells taxpayers to shut off heat in evenings for "climate change'
UKCP Summer Temperature Projections Are Not Supported By The Data
UN's IPCC head, Jim Skea, criticises climate activists for using alarming language that he believes "paralyses' the fight against global heating
Understanding Today's Abrupt Climate System Change by looking into Past Paleorecords for Calamities
United Nations on Climate Change - "We own the science"
Untold Story of Climate's Holocene Gift to Humanity
Unveiling the Truth Behind the Hoax - David Icke
UN's climate panic is more politics than science
Up to 2/3 of cars sold mandated to be EV by 2032
Ursula von der Leyen's climate vision is now an existential minefield
vacinatie - Federal Labour Board dismisses vaccine mandate claim on 'technical basis'
Vikings Abandoned Greenland Centuries Ago in Face of Rising Seas, Says New Study
Volcanic aerosol forcing can affect global climate, but its role in climate prediction remains poorly understood
Waarom er geen klimaatcrisis is
Warm ice age changed climate cycles
Warmer Temperatures Associated With A Reduction In Storms, High Winds
Warming climate will affect streamflow in the northeast
Warming Globe? Then Why Haven't Winters In Tokyo Been Warming Since the 1980s?
WARS Cause Climate Damage – Ukraine Wants Compensation
Washington Post meets REAL journalist in Davos
Watch John Kerry's Face When His Climate Hypocrisy Is Exposed on Camera
Water Vapor, Clouds Are The Real Direct Masters Controlling Our Climate
We are dealing with a climate cult
We Can't Just Plant Billions of Trees to Stop Climate Change
We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period
We Need Moonshots to Solve the Climate Crisis
We've Reached the Climate Tipping Point, Where's the Destruction?
Weather maps are among the most blatant forms of fearmongering deployed so far
Wetenschap versus "Net Zero'
We're all sick of the "climate crazies'
What caused the last ice age to end around 10,000 years ago?
What Climate Pledge? India's Coal Production Soars 23% In 5 Years
What Happens In The Arctic Doesn't Stay In The Arctic
What If Climate is Self-Regulating?
What Is A 1000 Year Flood?
What Is The Basis For CO2 Levels?
What Sky Did Not Tell You About Antarctic Ice
What The IPCC Actually Says About Extreme Weather
What to Do with Worn-Out Solar Panels?
What's Wrong with Yuval Noah Harari's Climate and Cost Analysis?
What's Really to Blame for the Canadian Wildfires
When The Facts Collide With Climate Alarm
When Will This Climate Madness End?
Where There's Smoke There Isn't Climate Change
Who Gets to Escape the Climate Crisis?
Why Are Young Boys Depressed?
Why Chinese Scientists Are Covering A Glacier With White Sheets
Why Climate Change Policies Could Be Even Worse Than the COVID Lockdowns
Why I Left Greenpeace - A Co-Founder's Perspective on Greenpeace's Antihuman Stances, Patrick Moore
Why NetZero cannot be taken seriously
Why not start a group of militant, anti-Net Zero protestors. We could call it "Just Stop Snake Oil'.
Why renewables can't save the planet | Michael Shellenberger
Why scientists disagree with Biden on 1.5 C
Why "Climate Alarmism' is Seen by Many in Developing World as Economic Threat
Wildfires emit potent climate-warming organic particles
Will "Climate Denial” Become an International War Crime?
Willie Soon - Global warming - Mostly human-caused or natural?
Wind farms require firms with "a lot of money'
With the "expert' COVID view blown up, green terror must be next
WMO's State Of The Climate Propaganda
Wood may not be the climate-friendly building material we used to think
Would a "Climate Emergency' Open the Same Door to Authoritarian Governance as the "COVID Emergency?'
Yale Experts Explain Climate Lawsuits
Yes, Leftism is a Religion
Yet Another Attempt to Hide the Inconvenient Climate Data
Young people - are you living with eco-anxiety in the UK?
Young people win landmark climate change case
Your cell phone keeps children enslaved - The truth about Congo's cobalt industry
YouTube suppressed this pushback video on heat wave alarmism – let's give it a second life

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