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Update 24 juni 2024

Aerial drone launched by Yemen's Houthi rebels hits ship
African state revokes French company’s uranium mine permit
Als oppositieleden de Omvolkingstheorie taboe willen verklaren en geen andere vragen kunnen bedenken
Always Carry Cash
Ancient Aliens - The Truth About Mayan Sacrifices

Bacterial batteries that harvest energy from soil
Biden’s economy is COLLAPSING as companies everywhere announce bankruptcies, closures fueled by runaway inflation
Biden’s Neocons all Personal Ties to Ukraine
Big Update On Trump Case Before July 11 Sentencing
Bioweapons Confirmed
Blunder NOS met bericht orgaanroof Israël
Bombshell EXPOSES January 6th PLOT by Pelosi to Delay National Guard | COVERUP Created By Obama?!

Can Pfizer Claim Legal Immunity Due to the COVID-19 Emergency?
Canadians Want Trudeau OUT
Cancer types post mRNA vaccines
China reveals fusion tech breakthrough
China, strafheffing moet snel van tafel
Company Says It Will No Longer Produce Key Drug Used in Executions
Consumed by Hatred
Corporate media blackout as Jeremy Corbyn drops bombshell about Israel

De (wo)manhunt op de PVV ministers. Zorgelijk of terecht?
De FBI en de Intel-gemeenschap spelen een grote rol in het wantrouwen van Amerikanen bij verkiezingen
De strijd om bloedlijnen en onze vrije wil
De verbijsterende info van de klokkenluider van de Deventer Moordzaak
De zelfdestructie van het Westen
Debat over nareizigers ontspoort volledig, Bosma baalt
Disturbing Evidence by Feds to Censor You on Social Media aflevering 420
Dr. Makis Dares Alberta's Doctors To Read VAER's Reports

EcoHealth Used Nanoparticles to Create Pandemics with Chinese Colleagues
Episode 37 - SILENCED with Tommy Robinson - Nuriyah Khan
EU approves first-ever sanctions on Russian gas
EU’s Mass Surveillance Faces Fierce Resistance
Everything About Our Culture Is Based On Judeo-Christian Values
Everything you need to know about the EU’s plans for a universal digital identity system
Explaining The U.S. Debt Crisis In Simple Terms
Export controls on Russia might be working better than you think

Freeland Is Canada's Most HATED Person
Gaza’s Hospitals Are Empty, and Patients Die in Silence
Germany blames Moscow for worsening ties with Beijing
Green Deal is no longer an ecological, but an economic agenda
Groundbreaking Study Discovers ‘Off-Switch’ for mRNA COVID-19 Injections
Hoe een eiland verdween – en toch weer boven water kwam
How China Could SEIZE Taiwan and SPARK WW3!!!
Hunting Down Paedophiles | Documentary
Huurwoningen gaan van de markt? Dessing (FVD) maakt gehakt van "Wet betaalbare huur"

Iran's Rise in New World Order ft. Tim Anderson
Is Cultivated Meat the Future of Food? | Uma Valeti | TED
Is Earth in Danger as the Moon Shrinks?
Is it a 9/11 recon video? Maybe, says former FBI agent | On Balance
Is the CCP Getting Dangerously Close to the US Red Line? | Trailer
Is the government hiding 9/11 evidence?
Israel’s Long War Against the Press in Gaza
It’s Time To ‘Take A Look At How We Treat The Children Of Our Country

Journalist Embedded Himself Within Israeli Nationalists At The Gaza Border
Justin Trudeau Has ZERO Common Sense
Klokkenluider Eric Hecker vertelt over wat er werkelijk aan de hand is op Antarctica
Larry Fink at WEF destroys net zero due to AI power demands
Last Summer Trailer (2024)
Laura Eisenhower - The Corrupt Matrix Exposed
Like “Vaccines Passports,” The “War On Cash” Will Ultimately Fail

MSM Signaling a change in the Russia-Ukraine Narrative?
NASA Sued After Space Junk Projectile Crashes Into Florida Home
Nederland minder groot handelsland dan gedacht
Neuroprotective Effect and Mechanism of Tanreqing Injection on Ischemic Stroke
New Film Investigates US-Backed Killing of Civilians by Israel in Gaza
Now they are blaming Brexit and 'Euroscepticism' for the decline in Britain's birth rate

Obductie bij oversterfte? | Rutte toch NAVO-baas | Land ontvluchten een verzetsdaad? | DWIV #9
Official Lady in the Lake Series Trailer 2024
Our Work with Northern Perspective Cost me my CAREER
Pentagon’s Secret Anti-Vax Campaign
Peter R. De Vries - Gladio
Proof That Even Liberal Professors Are Turning Against ‘Woke’ Indoctrination
Putin ‘stashing years of food in remote nuclear bunker’
Putin’s Final Plea for Peace
Rockefeller Medicine - 100+ years of exterminating humans in the name of “science”

Saudi Arabia - The Petrodollar, China, and CBDCs
Saudi official casing US Capitol video is 'damning evidence'
Scalar Weapon - Has The U.S Government Reverse Engineered Nikola Tesla’s Doomsday Machine?
Snopes Finally Corrects The Record On Notorious Trump Hoax — Seven Years Later
Snowpiercer - Final Season - Official Trailer (2024)
Sweet Home 3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Telling A Scammer EXACTLY What He Is Wearing!
The Bank of England is costing us billions – here’s why
The Dark World Of Sex Trafficking In The US | The Long Night (2017) | Full Film
The Greatest Social Media Site Is Craigslist
The Pentagon’s Anti-Vax Campaign Targeting China’s Sinovac
The Radical Left Can't Understand Why Normal People Are Angry...

The Weaponization of Speech in the Media
They Absolutely Killed My Husband
They Don't Want Us To Know This | David Icke 2024
This Is Going To Be Far Worse Than The Great Depression
Trump Media says SEC decision could lead to $247 million in proceeds
Two State Solution or Pipe Dream?

U.S. prioritizes defense missiles to Ukraine, while relations with Israel fray
UK offshore wind farms vulnerable to cyberattacks
UK PM Sunak Proposes Disabling Driving Licenses and Financial Services For Youth Avoiding National Service
Ukraine begins using German weapons to strike Russian territory
Ukrainians Attack Russian Radar Stations and Oil Refineries
Unseen Planet HIDING in our Solar System
US Congress Targets China’s Role In America’s Fentanyl Epidemic
US warns Ukraine about corruption

Vitamin D for carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms
Vitamin D May Reduce Fiery Death of Cells and Resulting Severe Inflammation
Von der Leyen feels the squeeze as EU liberals implode
Voor het eerst neemt klassiek bellen met gsm af

What is causing rapid aging in some people after the C19 injection?
What the data tells us (presentation)
Whistleblowers expose Boeing’s damning safety failures
Wie leverde het wapen aan Volkert?
Willem Engel en Jeroen Pols 006 Agenda 2030
World War III & The West's Suicide Mission

Update 22 juni 2024

300 million NHS patient records STOLEN in Russian hack
A Far-Right Resurgence in Europe?
Achtervolging R'dam naar A'dam! l Politie l Snelheid 230+ I Politieheli I Inboxen
Alarming Chinese-owned land built next to 19 military bases sparks spy fears
America's Darkest Hour - Battling the Second Great Insurrection
Anarchy U | Official Trailer
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has been summoned to the Vatican to be excommunicated by Pope Francis
Authorities say Chinese migrants illegally growing pot in Oklahoma | On Balance

B-52 Bomber Launches for Mission over the U.S. Southern Command AOR
Behind the Scenes at RED FLAG Alaska (Air Combat Exercise)
Bernie Sanders Slams Netanyahu - No More Bombs
Biden Team Ignores Israel’s History of Deceit and Deception
Biden’s Push For Ukraine To Join NATO Is More About Dollars Than ‘Democracy’
Big Tech Censorship - An Industry Developed by the Government
Blackburn Grills Judicial Nominee Over Donations
Blocking the Globalist Agenda

Can The U.S Print Endless Money? EPIC Debate Over Modern Monetary Theory!
China warns of possible 'trade war' with EU
CIA Had UFO "Material" In 1976 - And We May Never Know The Truth About It
Col. Douglas Macgregor - IDF vs. Netanyahu
College Student Realizes He Can't Convince Charlie Kirk To Be Progressive
Desperation in Gaza as Israel's pledge for aid route falls flat

Effect of probiotics on children with autism spectrum disorders
Fly Me to the Moon Final Trailer (2024)
Google trekt via vpn aangeschafte YouTube Premium-abonnementen in
Head Of German Teachers Association Warns Education System Being Overwhelmed With Migrants
Infants Who Receive Multiple Vaccines at Once at ‘Exponentially’ Greater Risk of Disease, Developmental Delays
Key evidence missing in Assange snooping case – media
Mar Mari Emmanuel calls Out Donald Trump
Mike Rogers Clashes With Andy Biggs Over NATO Funding Amendment
More deaths yet this vaccine catastrophe is airbrushed out of the election

Nobody is picking up the dead bodies. Extreme heat sees hajj death toll rise
Nog meer slecht nieuws voor de gevaccineerden. Prik maakt dement.
Project Silence Movie Trailer 2024
Putin Says Russia May Send North Korea High-Precision Arms
Russia is going out of business as staggering losses cause manpower shortages
The Great Reset Has BACKFIRED
The Marginalization of Effective COVID-19 Treatments with Dr. Pierre Kory
The Supreme Court Can Stop Social Media Censorship
Trump Reacts To New Footage Of Pelosi On Jan. 6

Ukrainians dying in their hundreds of thousands so US weapon manufacturers can profit
Unpacking the Impact of Sunlight | Dr. Alexis Cowan
Vaccine Mandate backfires on Biden!! How Bad Can it Get??
Van Houwelingen in debat over oorlog in Oekraïne
WEF just took control Of NATO by doing this...
What is the WEF’s ‘Great Reset’? | ITV News

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