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18 april 2024

5th Circuit Judge Willett Poised to Decide His Own Financial Conflicts Are Fine in U.S. Chamber Lawsuit Against CFPB Credit Card Rule
After US, EU To Impose New Sanctions On Iran Drone, Missile Producers
AI is making smart devices easier to hack—here's how to stay safe
AJ Simon, ex-Albany star and 2024 NFL Draft hopeful, dead at 25
And There Shall Be Signs
Antisemitism in the history of Raiffeisen?
Ask Why 429 Moms Died

Biden Orders Zelensky To “Leave Russian Oil Refineries Alone!”
Boeing whistleblower told Congress his boss threatened him after speaking up in a meeting
Canadian Budget Increases Its NATO-Related Spending
Censorship and Official Lies - The End of Truth in America?
Censorship in the Name of Safety
CIA-Clinton Campaign Cover-Up
COVID Stimulus Money Lined the Pockets of Scammers and Fueled Inflation

Does China import zero soybeans from Paraguay?
End Of The Rope Official Trailer (2024)
Evil Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming
Ex-Mossad Chief Says Hitting Iran’s Nuclear Facilities ‘On The Table’
Financial Censorship Is Coming Your Way
How Much Damage Have Vaccines Done to Society?
Illegals March On City Hall Demanding More Taxpayer Cash

Kabinet schuift Facebookverbod overheid op lange baan
Kanker na mRNA-coronavaccinatie?
Neutering NATO - The Next Russia-China Project?
Onverantwoordelijke oorlogshysterie van militaire dilettanten in hoge regeringsfuncties
Peter Schweizer EXPOSES Chinese Corruption in America
Provoking Iran is a strategy to distract from the ongoing slaughter of civilians in Gaza

Red Alert! Congress Goes 'Full Stasi' With New Spying Power!
Rishi Sunak Faces REVOLT Over Smoking Ban
Rutte loopt weg na vraag over nieuwe NAVO-baan
Rutte noemt BRICS heel onduidelijk, rommelig clubje

The Fallen Restricted Operating System Of Man & The Expanded Eden Operating System
The Hidden World of UFO Retrieval… Origins and Secrets of Alien Encounters
The Purpose Of War According To George Orwell (1984)
The US Air Force is paying $90,000 for a bag of Bushings that normally costs well under $100
They're Experimenting In Secret On Massive Maneuvers

U.S. Launches Multiple B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers in Show of Force
UK insurers refuse to pay Nord Stream because blasts were ‘government’ backed
Ukrainians are choosing “suspended critical thinking” over the dire reality, the outlet has warned
US Moves Previously Banned Missiles Closer to China and Russia
Why Donald Trump ‘hates Ukraine’

17 april 2024

$1,200 hotel rooms - FEMA pays luxury prices for Hawaii wildfire survivors
A government-sponsored agency is censoring journalism; UnHerd's Freddie Sayers investigates.
Adolph Hitler was Financed by Wall Street, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England
Alleen wie de immigratie buiten de EU om regelt – Denemarken, Zweden – krijgt het opgelost
Americans Depressed By ‘Bidenflation’ Aren’t Buying Media’s Economic Lies
Apple and Google more dangerous than governments – Telegram founder
Are we heading for World War Three? Experts give their verdicts
Asking Robert Malone Some Uncomfortable Questions

Baltimore suing owner and operator of cargo ship involved in Key Bridge collapse
BBC in HOT WATER as Nick Robinson OPENS UP over controversial Israel-Palestine comments
CIA Plot To Murder Julian Assange Exposed By His Brother
Declassified Documents Reveal Nuclear War
EU Regimes declare war on their own people
European elite are RUNNING scared!' as people WAKE UP to 'EU overstepping remit'
Gaza Strip - Israel Releases 150 Detained Palestinians

Has Israel Informed The Pentagon If It Plans To Respond To The Iranian Attack?
Hezbollah commander killed in Israeli drone strike in Lebanon
How Cuban Americans Face Assassination Threats, Terror List
How Statism Destroyed Argentina
Is de NAVO op sterven na dood?
Jewish News Foreign Editor On Retaliation From Iranian Air Strikes

Komt een totale oorlog ? Van Houwelingen (FVD) grijpt in bij Rutte in debat over Europese Top
NATO Is Losing the Proxy War Against Russia
NATO member explains why it will block Ukraine from joining
NSA “Just Days Away From Taking Over The Internet” Warns Ed Snowden
Over 90 Missiles and Drones Were Launched From Yemen in Past 48 Hours
Pandemic Was Used as False Pretext by WHO
Refuge | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical
Remember, BlackRock CEO Likes ‘Totalitarian Gov’ts’
Russia's meat grinder soldiers - 50,000 confirmed dead

Scott Ritter - The Missiles of April
Selling Even ‘A Single Gun’ Can Land You in Jail Under New ATF Rule | Trailer
Study Links mRNA Jabs to Excess Cancer Deaths in Japan
The sinister censorship of NatCon Brussels
Third Disney Cruise crew member arrested on child porn charges this year
Tories tyrannising disabled people with Universal Credit roll-out cutting THOUSANDS from their benefits

UFO Pyramid over the Pentagon - Enhanced video
Ursula von der Leyen can run, but can she also hide?
US government wanted backdoor to Telegram – founder
You Can't Run Forever - Official Trailer (2024) J.K. Simmons, Fernanda Urrejola

16 april 2024

2,000-foot-wide 'potentially hazardous' asteroid has just made its closest approach to Earth
Adam Eisenberg on there being no plane at the Pentagon on 9/11

Apple supports the reuse of biometric sensors, simplifying the repair process
Bij Vrt zien ze dezer dagen overal russische propaganda opduiken
Bras should be exempt from VAT because they are essential for women's health
Canadians are getting poorer at an alarming rate
Candace Owens HUMILIATES cop-hating karen in front of her entire school
Censorship & persecution of dissident voices continues across the world
Congress Summons WEF-Affiliated Media Alliance Co-Founder Over Demonetization Scandal

Did You Hear What the U.S. Did Just Prior to Iran Attacking Israel
Dit doet een fikse dosis spirulina bij serieuze covid
Dropping a gopro under a cruise ship
Edward Snowden Is Among Those Sounding the Alarm Over Spying Expansion
Eerie Nostradamus predictions could have foreseen Iran-Israel conflict
Elon Musk Says New X Users Will Need To Pay For Posting On Platform
Europarlementariër laat geen spaan heel van ‘corrupte’ Von der Leyen
FDA Puts Clinical Hold on Neumora’s Schizophrenia Drug Due to Preclinical Safety Signals
Fears deadly disease will spread amid major flooding in Russia as bodies washed from graveyards

Government Spyware Is Another Reason to Use an Ad Blocker
Hoe de NCTV mensen probeerde te 'nudgen' om toch die prik te nemen
Hostilities between Israel and Iran have strayed into direct warfare – is there any going back?
Iran attacks Israel, brought to you by Coca Cola, Vanguard and BlackRock
Iran may face new EU sanctions after attack on Israel
Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel was a strategic miscalculation
Is America Trying to Bait Iran Into a ‘Limited’ Nuclear War?
Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue?
Israel War Was A Deflection From CIA Betrayal of US

James Corbett Breaks The Spell of the Global Conspiracy
Jesus Would be Labeled as “Antisemitic” Today
Markus Pieper maakt zelf einde aan 'Piepergate'
Massive cancer deaths study vindicates my warnings over covid boosters
Messiaanse Tijden (kernoorlog) op komst met Derde Tempel
NATO is losing the proxy war against Russia, so expect surge in false-flag terrorism
Niacine for alzheimer
Nicotine-A Missing Piece of the Therapeutic Puzzle Concerning the Bioweapons of the Jab and Covid-19
Nissan says it will make next-generation EV batteries by early 2029

Outer Range Season 2 - Official Trailer
Sales of low-alcohol drinks surging in Russia
Saudis ‘confirm’ shooting down Iranian drones
Serbian Center Cares for Old, Forgotten Animals
Shocking map shows all countries in the world with nuclear weapons as Iran 'minutes away'
Significant Increases in Cancer Mortality After COVID mRNA Vaccination, Japanese Researchers Find

The impact of resveratrol on the outcome of the in vitro fertilization
The Matrix of Ancient History Created By The Vatican
The Oil Crash Is Coming Sooner Than We Think
The U.S. Government Has a Microsoft Problem
The War is Meant to be Continuous
This is my 18-year-old little girl, Trista, just a few days before the pfizer injection killed her

UK Lawmakers Target TikTok in the Name of Fighting “Misinformation”
Undersea ‘hybrid warfare’ threatens security of 1bn, Nato commander warns
US ban on Russian metals ‘cuts both ways’ – Kremlin
Varicella (Chicken Pox) – Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS)
You Can't Run Forever (2024) Official Trailer

15 april 2024

Abu Ghraib Military Contractor Trial Set to Start 20 Years After Shocking Images of Abuse
AI-generated fashion models could bring more diversity to the industry - or leave it with less
Alina Habba Taken Off Case Involving Former Trump Organization CFO
Als Israël Iran rechtstreeks aanvalt, dreigt een regionale oorlog in het Midden-Oosten
America Is No Longer a Merit-Based Society
Are We Witnessing a Tempering of American-Israeli Aggression?
Biden prolongs Ukraine crisis to avoid admitting failure – US lawmaker
BRICS - China Trades Trillions of Yuan with 29 Countries

Canada Accuses India of Election Interference
Crippling mortgages and £16 olive oil
Deep State versus Julian Assange
EU nation may halt Russian gas imports by 2028 – media
France, Germany ask their citizens to quit Iran amid growing risk of military escalation in Mideast
Gevestigde elites zijn op RAMKOERS, FVD gaat strijd aan met GLOBALISTISCH MONSTE
Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore demolishes the human-caused climate change nonsense in two minutes
Here comes the “massive, massive tsunami” of DEATH and destruction from Operation Warp Speed
Hidden Government UFO Cover-Ups Discovered By Ben Hansen | UFO Witness

Is Great Britain still that 'Great'? | Adam Boulton
Leaked Dossier Shows German Government Conspired to Silence Reiner Fuëllmich
Measles as a cause of death had largely disappeared in the US BEFORE the doctors started giving measles shots
NAC & Glutathione for Aging, Longevity
Netanyahu unfit for office, leading Israel to its doom
New UK laser weapon could be used against Russian drones in Ukraine

Oorloghitser Zelensky roept de NAVO op tot oorlog tegen de BRICS
Overhyping a US-China “AI Arms Race”
Power supply, communications and transportation are the targets for the Great Reset
Seeds of War | ARTE.tv Documentary
Sen. Ron Johnson: Eisenhower Warned Us
The Great ELECTRIC car DISASTER just got worse! | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
The Secret History of Hamas
These wild animals are increasingly becoming a problem for humans in Canada
This Economist Says The Middle Class Is Shrinking But It’s A GOOD Thing
Trump says Iran attack on Israel ‘would never have happened if I were president’

US, UK Ban Deliveries Of Russian Copper, Nickel And Aluminum To Western Metals Exchanges
USAF Conducts B-52 Bomber Exercise With 'Unarmed' Nuclear Cruise Missiles
War Makes Humans the Most Dangerous Species
What are the implications if WHO succeeds in imposing its IHR amendments on us?


Abolish The Fed - Can The Gold Standard Save The U.S. Dollar?
Afrikanen bezetten grootste deel van Franse sociale huurwoningen
An exploration of modern British media and propaganda
Biden vows 'ironclad' defense of Philippines, Japan
Britain not ruling out sending Kiev laser weapons – UK defense secretary
Car of Ukrainian defector blown up in Moscow
Chief of Station | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical
Children of Ukraine (trailer)

De lobby van GroenLinks voor oorlogsmiljarden
De openlijke leugens van Duitse politici en media
Derde Wereld Oorlog voor Verenigde Naties 2.0
Displaced man from Gaza breaks down in tears while talking about caring for his disabled daughters
Dotcom.radio aflevering 410
EcoHealth Alliance Releases Emails that are the Subject of False Allegations in the Press
Elon Musk Shared Shocking Details with Me About Twitter | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
EMA Finds No Link Between GLP-1 Drugs and Suicidal Thoughts, Self-Harm
Founders Day - Official Movie Trailer (2024)

Geheime afmeldcodes van duizenden alarmsystemen opvraagbaar door softwarefout
Hoe de heersende macht critici en tegenstanders de mond wil snoeren
How the Russian City of Orsk Went Underwater
Iedereen die z’n ogen open heeft, ziet dat Europa ten onder gaat
If Hamas Disarms the War in Gaza Is Over, If Israel Disarms They Would Be Exterminated
Imminent Iranian strike on Israel could drag Biden into war
Iranian Attack On Israel Seems Imminent
Israeli Army Warns Of "Consequences" After Iran Seizes Ship Off UAE Coast

John Kennedy Goes Scorched Earth, NUKES Mayorkas
Julian Assange's Charges Could Be Dropped
Lady mocked by her father for resisting the mRNA jabs, now she takes care of him after he became a victim of Pfizer
Martin Kulldorff - We must take on the authoritarians
NATO Comes to Switzerland, Goodbye Neutrality?
Nieuw Links was kantelpunt naar massa-immigratie
Not Another Nickel For Netanyahu Govt, Says US Senator Bernie Sanders
Op ‘heilig eiland’ voor Britse kust werden massa’s zeer jonge kinderen door monniken verkracht

Peter Schiff Says The U.S. Stopped Peace Treaty Between Russia & Ukraine
Rinus verdiende miljoenen met bitcoin, goud en obligaties, alleen is nergens enig bewijs van
S.T.O.P. is Working to ‘Ban The Scan’ in New York
Sending troops to Ukraine ‘worth considering’ – ex-UK defense minister
The Moment Jordan Peterson CONVERTED Russell Brand To Christianity
Titanic film crew drugged in 1996, Halifax police told to release more details
Tsjechische geheime dienst bevestigt - Petr Bystron onschuldig!
Vriendjespolitiek rond EU-Commissievoorzitter Ursula von der Leyen
Vrijheid maakt gelukkig. Maar onze rijksambtenaren zijn gespecialiseerd in steeds meer dwingelandij
Why House Republicans are divided over FISA spy program

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