Update 16 juli 2024

20 satellites fall from sky after catastrophic SpaceX rocket failure, triggering investigation
250 Million Americans Could Die If the Power Grid Goes Down
44% of Ukrainians support starting negotiations with Russia, new poll finds
Alien - Romulus - Bigger (2024)
Alle 35 raadsleden van Almelo moeten 'in therapie'
An Avro Vulcan XH558 strategic bomber howls as it conducts a takeoff somewhere in Europe
An Israeli drone strike kills a prominent Syrian businessman with close ties to Assad
Anger and anxiety loom over the Republican convention, but there is good news for Trump in court
Assessing the Failed Assassination of Donald Trump with former FBI HRT Sniper Chris Whitcomb
Author warns Trump shooting may be followed by extended period of 'political violence'

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Gives Detailed Assessment Of Secret Service Failure
Bobby Kennedy slams US Secret Service
Boven het Maaiveld 51 - Gaat Biden het redden?
CDC knew covid mRNA's were TOXIC
China en Rusland houden gezamenlijke maritieme oefeningen
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination and Newly Diagnosed Microsatellite Stable and Instable Non-Metastatic Colon Cancer
De Deep State(een schaduwstaat in de VS) probeerde Donald Trump live op televisie te vermoorden
De oorlog die al lang beëindigd had kunnen worden
Did We Just Witness the FBI’s Attempt on Trump’s Life?
Digital Money and Human Enslavement
Does the EU need a second parliament in Strasbourg?

Een afrekening met de NAVO
Elon Musk Exposes EU’s Censorship Demands
Fearmongering frenzy fuels hysteria over Project 2025
Food aid is piling up inside Gaza. Here's why it's not reaching those in need
For 75 Years, NATO Has Been Terrorizing the Globe
France defends nuclear power and rejects EU renewable targets
Germany to invest billions in 23 green hydrogen projects
Germany will not provide Ukraine with fighter jets
Grote verontwaardiging nadat EU, winnaar van Nobelprijs voor de Vrede, Hongarije boycot om vredesreizen

Het zoveelste voorbeeld dat de EU geen vrede wil - Brussel straft Hongarije na ‘vredesreizen’ Orbán
How International Oil Companies Are Smuggling Over 1000 Oil Tankers Everyday
I have copies of evidence they tried to plant on Trump's computer with Patrick Byrne
Is Brazil's Brics-building worth it?
Is China ‘Bombing’ Mockups of U.S. Jets in Drills? | Trailer | China in Focus
Lasterlijke, provocerende NAVO is uit op oorlog met China
LEE Official Trailer 2 (2024) Kate Winslet, Andy Samberg
Marine vet in medically induced coma upgraded to stable condition after being shot during Trump assassination attempt
Miniproca - Powerful All-in-1 MINI PC with Inbuilt Display

New AI Chip Will Revolutionise ChatGPT
Oekraïne zegt dat laatste patrouilleschip van Rusland de Krim heeft verlaten
Paris Olympics could amplify political unrest in France
Populisme is een opstand in het paradijs
Research reveals optimal magnesium levels could lower dementia risk
Ronald Reagan's daughter reveals how assassination attempt changed their family
Secret Service Snipers Instructed NOT to Fire Until AFTER Assassin Takes the First Shot
Secret Service to Protect Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Serum vitamin B12 and folate levels were significantly lower in ischemic stroke patients compared to controls
Should mRNA Covid Vaccines Be Banned?

The Alarming Rise of Political and Climate Extremism
The Beast Within Movie Trailer 2024
The Cover Your Ass Olympics
The media hits ANOTHER new low in covering the Trump assassination attempt
The Medical Community Must Stop Gaslighting COVID Vaccine Victims Like Me
The most dangerous part of the ASAM Deprescribing Draft Guidance for prescribed patients
Trump Classified Docs Case THROWN OUT
Trump shooter Thomas Crooks was spotted on a roof by law enforcement 30 minutes before shots were fired

What's gonna happen Brent Johnson Illuminates
Who Had Access to the Twin Towers?
Why Netanyahu Is Hellbent on ‘Total Erasure’ of Gaza
YouTube still censoring content questioning efficacy of the vaccines
Zou Donald Trump echt tegen de CBDC zijn?

Update 15 juli 2024

A U.S. Army base training presentation described two pro-life organizations as terrorist groups
Aanslagpleger Trump was in 2023 te zien in reclame van BlackRock
Acute effects of cannabigerol on anxiety, stress, and mood
Africa interested in BRICS – Ethiopian parliament speaker
Afscheidsbrief aan premier Rutte. Afzender Ab Gietelink.
Aliens Uncovered - Origins | The Secrets of Project Blue Book
Amerikanen houden hun hart vast. Terecht.
Andor Season 2 (2025) | Main Trailer

Artificial Intelligence & Agency
As Apple headset reaches Europe, will VR ever hit the mainstream?
Assassinating Biden - Will the Deep State Do It?
Australia a money laundering paradise
Baby Racoon Ocean Rescue, snored for hours
Bank Runs Will Collapse The Entire System And It's Worse Than Everyone Thought Possible
Biden Said He’s Not Sending Israel 2,000-Pound Bombs. He’s Sent 14,000 of Them.

Brutality is taking root in Russian society, with the number of murders and attempted murders at its highest level since 2011
China sanctions US military-industrial complex
Countries are picking sides leading up to WW3
Covid shots cause recipients to develop deadly hepatitis
Crescent City (2024) Official Trailer - Terrence Howard, Esai Morales
Criminal Medical Device Industry shows FDA Corruption at the Highest Levels
Crypto Mining Is Creating an Environmental Crisis for Black Texas Communities

Dark Secrets of UK Prisons
David Icke |The World Changes FOREVER if This Happens in 2025!
DEA Caught Red-Handed - Airport Intimidation
Declassified Documents Reveal Nuclear Attack
Diary Of a Prophetic Madman - Book Trailer
Dr. James Thorp, OBGYN with 43 years of experience, explains the devastating consequences of COVID vaccination
EU censuur gestart - Eerste hoge boetes voor kanalen om ‘foute’ berichten over immigratie en klimaat

EU considers boycotting Hungary over Orbán’s visit to Moscow
EU offered X secret censorship deal – Musk
Exploring the natural efficacy of spirulina powder for combating obesity, diabetes, and inflammation
FBI, Secret Service Make Big Announcements Following Attack On Trump
Former CDC Director now admits that the COVID "vaccines" NEVER should have been mandated
France 'dangerously exposed' in case of economic shock
Führer und Verführer trailer (2024)

Gaza apocalypse and the four horsemen
Germany Bans China’s 5G Technology At The Behest Of NATO
Goudproducerende landen worden beroof
Here's What The Immunity Ruling Means For Trump
Hoelang overleeft het nieuwe kabinet?
How French media discredited the Rassemblement National
How the Elites CRUSHED America's Middle Class on Purpose
Human Rights lawyer tells DARK side of Dubai after stint in 'HELLHOLE' prison

Hyundai Accused Of Faking EV Sales To Boost Public Image
I don’t want children forced into becoming transhumanist robots
I'm Very Concerned With The 2024 Election - Breaking Down A Civil War Outcome
Is Germany Becoming a Third World Country?
Is Russia Waging War Under the Seas?
Is This Phoenix UFO Cover-Up Linked To Roswell? | Alien Contact
Ivor Cummins, Rockefeller Template of Elites Control - WHO, WEF, UN, Gates

Japan diaper makers profit from ageing adults
Jewish German Therapist EXPOSES The REAL Reason Germany Supports Israel
Justin Trudeau's International Fanclub
Kill Putin Threat Triggers Alert In Russia; Warning Comes As Trump Faces Assassination Bid
Made in China products favoured by international sports events
Malicious actors could use X's blue checks to deceive users
Mass tourism in Spain - drowning the Balearic Islands?
Media SHOCKED To Discover Joe Biden Mentally Unfit - Toxic Masculinity Episode 31

NATO - The Global Military Behemoth
NATO is Not a ‘Defensive Alliance’. Journalist Exposes the West’s Big Lie
Naughty NATO Plans on Fibbing Themselves into the “Free World”
New Film Exposes the Dark Truth of Modern Day Slavery
Next Pandemic Plans EXPOSED before Election, Bird Flu Vax Being Fast-Tracked | Redacted
Over 15,000 Canadians volunteered to be EUTHANIZED in 2023

Poland considers downing Russian missiles over Ukraine
Prof. John Mearsheimer - Ukraine Collapsing
Prof. Pierre Capel waarschuwt voor nieuwe generatie vaccins
Pushing Japan Into Conflict With China
Putin issues Nuclear warning to NATO
Quercetin - From Possible Therapeutic Considerations in 2020 to Proven Therapeutic Implications in 2024
Radical New Therapy Could Rapidly Reverse Sepsis in The Brain

Recently, the Vatican has tightened the rules for the paranormal
RED CARD for Ursula von der Leyen - My EU-Resolution against corruption & nepotism.
Secret Service Under Major Fire
Social Media Facial Recognition Expands, Secret Law Enforcement Searches Double
Solar Farms Are Taking Us Back To The Dark Ages
Solar fight in Puerto Rico stirs fears of a California-style backslide
Sweden is a Potential Target

The Biggest UFO Sighting in History
The Finance Break Down - the Root of the Global Crisis
The Inheritance | Official Clip (HD) Kami Comes Out of Picture
The Perfect Couple | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix
The Substance - Official Teaser Trailer (2024) Demi Moore, Margaret Qualley
The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how a gunman who shot and injured Trump was able to get so close

The Yugoslav wars - Arkan's Legacy in Serbia | Full Documentary
They WAITED 42 Second to shoot Trump's Assassin" New Questions Emerge
This Is How To Take Moringa IF You Have Diabetes
Trudeau, if you have b**ls, come to my community!"
Two Years Old Suffered a Vaccine Injury After Routine MMR Vaccine Injection
Ukrainian children still speaking Russian
US to place missiles in Germany pointed at Russia

Verliest de linkerzijde haar ziel?
Vitamin D Acts via the Microbiome to Boost Cancer Immunity
Vitamin D's Health Benefits Boosted by Vitamin A
We are on the way to the fifth general European war in less than 400 years
We’re No One’s Proxy – Serbia Tells NATO
Why did FBI Agents Show Up at the Home of THIS Whistleblower Nurse?
Why Is the West Preparing for War?
Why slavery is not America’s original sin

Women are getting inflamed ovaries from the Covid vax?
You won’t believe what Clinton’s lawyer is doing to Trump now!
Your Body Is BEGGING For Vitamin D
Zittingen Raad voor de journalistiek - Marlies van Muiswinkel vs de Volkskrant
Zuckerberg’s Meta Reverses Trump Ban

Update 14 juli 2024

A Dark Chapter Closes - Julian Assange Goes Free
Associations between 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentration and spontaneous abortion
Biden attempts to show staying power at NATO press conference
Biden Struggled Through Fundraisers for Months Before the Debate. The Press Said Nothing.
Biden's Neurodegenerative Syndrome Consistent With COVID-19 Vaccine Injury
Bosniak retells stories of faith and resilience from Srebrenica genocide
Chinese warships spotted off Alaska coast, US Coast Guard says

De hypocrisie van slavernij-excuses
Dotcom.radio aflevering 423
Everyone is on edge, knowing something big and bad is coming
Exposing the Myth of the ‘Good War’
Facebook and Instagram Expand Hate Speech Policy, Remove Posts Targeting ‘Zionists’
FBI appears to collude with Chinese Intelligence
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 13, 2024
German Eurofighters intercept Russian carrier-based MiG-29K jets

Has any president since Nov. 22, 1963, really been ‘in charge?
He Can Prove Israel Was Behind JFK's Murder and 9/11
How some politicians deceive the public
How To End Ukrainian War in 5 minutes
IDF Admits They Killed Israeli Hostages in Kibbutz Be'eri on Oct 7 With Tank Shelling and Hail of Bullets
Illegal Sale Of Palestinian Land Embraced By Biden
In deference to Russia, China warns NATO to not spread its ‘chaos’ in Asia
In september proberen de globalisten een allesbeslissende, wereldwijde staatsgreep te plegen
Israel’s Leading Paper Says Its Own Army Killed Israelis On October 7

Le Pen’s National Rally Was the Only Party to Increase its Vote Share in the Second Round
Lobbyist against von der Leyen’s second mandate faces new legal setbacks
Mercedes EV Sales Are In Freefall, EQS Down More Than 50%
Musk Announces X to Sue ‘Perpetrators and Collaborators’ Behind Advertising Censorship Cartel
My Daughter Miscarried Twins After COVID Vaccination
NAVO’s grootste vrees
Nearly Half Of German Welfare Payments Go To Foreign Migrants
Netanyahu Secretly Changes Flight Plans To Avoid Getting Arrested By The ICC
New Vaccines Will be Rolled Out Under Radically Abbreviated Future Testing Protocols

Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid “Vaccine”
Philippines Govt. Says 290,000 Excess Deaths Are Linked to COVID Vaccines
Political Desperation Fuels Spy Agencies’ Latest Russia Conspiracy Theory
Pushback of the Week - Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Russia vows ‘military response’ to US missile deployment plans
Russian activist compares courts to Nazi Germany
Russian region offers finder’s fee to residents who convince friends and family to fight in Ukraine
Russische huurlingen terroriseren Afrikanen en Chinezen; massamoorden rond goudmijnen

Scott Ritter - Ukraine's War Is EXPANDING! The West's WRONG Policies Pushed EU Into Internal TURMOIL
Second NATO member publicly opposes Ukrainian membership
Senator Hawley Questions FERC Commissioner Clements Regarding Closed-Door Meetings With Donors
Should We Worry About The End Of America?
Similar to Biden, NATO Is Aged and Unfit for Leadership
Smartphone ban to hit Belgium’s Francophone schools

Thanks to State Control, Doctors Have Become Gods
The CIA Is Running Global Coups and Assassinations to Try to Stop BRICS
The French and UK Elections Tell Us Something About Biden's Future
The Great British Betrayal
The heavy toll of mines on Ukraine’s agriculture
The scandalous Climate Change Committee
Trudeau Considers Additional Housing Tax
Trudeau Sends $500M to Ukraine While CAF Families at Local Food Banks Double
Trump Supporting Soldier Gives Dark Warning On Possible Civil War

U.S. intelligence uncovers Russian plot to assassinate German arms firm CEO, supplying Ukraine
Ukrainian strikes on Moscow would ‘make no sense’ – Biden
Ursula von der Leyen symboliseert hoe de Europese Commissie incompetentie en corruptie tot norm heeft verheven
US cruise missiles to return to Germany, angering Moscow
Watch Ben Shapiro Tear into Censorship Cartel in Fiery Congressional Testimony
We see clearly the collapse of the manipulation that has confined discourse to within the various Washington villages
WEF’s Global Advertising Cartel Colludes Against Conservatives
What is NATO's plan for Ukraine beyond just words?
Whistleblowers Detail Harrowing Failure to Protect Migrant Children Pouring Into U.S. Under Biden
Why is Greece introducing a six-day working week?
World Bank Sowing Seed-Colonialism in Africa
Zelensky Secures $43B from NATO
Zionist lobby shaking up politics in Australia and UK
Yet another MHRA drug scandal: Part One
You can have your safety men, for the price of being ashamed of being a man
You’re a Hypocrite, And So Am I

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